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Luigi Ruffolo
10-17-2021 at 03:01 PM
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    A recreation is available (link on the scoreboard): ;)

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    I played a computer game modeled after Computer Space (except it was for MS-DOS. It was a dueling game with a gravity well in the middle) that I really liked.

    One thing that I want to mention about this game is that I believe it is the first ever real video game ever featured in a movie! Ever heard of Soylent Green? The dystopia that gave us the line 'Soylent Green! It's made of people!' by Charlton Heston (and also featured the last movie appearance of Eddie Robinson, everyone's favorite thick-lipped cigar chomping gangster).

    In the opening scene of that film, it features Computer Space. The movie takes place in 2017, yet that game was state of the art in the early 70s when the movie was made. I guess it was a retro gift!

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