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11-01-2016 at 10:04 AM
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PlayStation VR. My review:

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This past weekend, I had a chance to test out the new Playstation VR. Simply amazing. As if I was on an interactive Universal Studios ride. I chose to play the new "Battlezone" game, yes the 1980 Atari classic game! WOW!!! So in the market for this during or after the holidays, after I am convinced there will be no major bugs reported.

Not only do I plan on playing Madden 2017 on theatrical mode, you can even watch your blu-ray DVD's this way as well. $399 MSRP, includes the stereo headset and support. ALL IN !!!
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  1. Desidious's Avatar
    Where do we go from here?
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  2. datagod's Avatar
    Can you explain more of the experience? Was it sharp, blurry, flicker free etc. Did you feel visually fatigued? Nauseous? Was there room for glasses in there?
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  3. datagod's Avatar
    Any idea how we could adjudicate these games?
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  4. Marcade's Avatar
    All good questions...It was very sharp, flick-free. Not sure if there are brightness, sharpness adjustments, as it was a live demo with a gamestop rep. One of the very first questions I asked was, Is there room to wear my glasses? YUP! Plenty of room, and I was very comfortable too. It was even lighter weight than I thought as well. No fatigue felt, as I was playing for only 15 minutes with blasting volume.

    These speciality games made for VR can be adjudicated, as everyone on the demo floor was witnessing my gameplay on the TV screen's normal mode.
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  5. RaGe's Avatar
    Dallas Cowboys hat. w00t!

    I didn't know that it does blu-rays, too. This thing is amazing!
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  6. Marcade's Avatar
    @RaGe ...It was in Arlington Mall, the day before the big game! You could already smell the VICTORY!!! :D
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  7. spectre's Avatar
    What I love about this new movement is that it's extremely hard to explain to people. You have to try it for yourself. Your mind will be blown as mine was when I first tried the Oculus. The immertion is incredible.

    I've heard that the screens in the PS VR are a little low res but I haven't seen it myself yet so I have no idea if it's something you notice.

    Right now I think there's some great experiences out there for PS VR but it seems that most are just "amusement park" ride experiences. I'm holding off just a little longer... mostly because I don't have the cash right now :P
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  8. Marcade's Avatar
    Ya, its possible on some games, and the way there are designed, low res can be a possible problem. Still very early to tell on others I have in mind. I always hate to be the "first on the block" to own something, until more mass reviews are out there. But so far, the product is passing my stress test! :D
  9. datagod's Avatar
    With the never ending march of progress in technology, we get more power, more efficiency, and smaller machines. I predict that within 5 years, VR will be as commonplace as the cellphone.

    What is the big killer app? Video games? Live sporting events? Full immersion chat rooms (read Ready Player One)? My guess is it will be something from the folks at Facebook. You don't go spending $2,000,000,000 and not have a game plan.

    Think how addictive phones are. People staring down at them all the time. Most of us are simply reading what our friends wrote about what we just wrote. Positive feedback. We thrive on it. Now put on a helmet and experience it in real-time with people around the world.

    Now that I wrote all that, maybe the killer app will be all about relationships.

    Ok, I have to go now and work on my new start up company: The VR Relation Ship
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