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03-19-2017 at 04:26 PM
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This past Saturday's Arcade Expo 3.0/Museum of Pinball. Pics and stuff...

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  1. Tfried4048's Avatar
    Looked like a great event. Sorry I could not make it. Hope to see everyone at the next event.
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  2. socaltimmy's Avatar
    Cool, that's me playing the star trek game, thanks.
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  3. Marcade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by socaltimmy
    Cool, that's me playing the star trek game, thanks.
    Heh. What a coincidence! Got to love Vengeance. Thats my favorite one of all the "Trek's"
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  4. Barthax's Avatar
    Good to see Walter's still stepping up to Make Trax. :)
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  5. datagod's Avatar
    What was the weather like? When I was there for the TG Entertainment Festival, it was a furnace inside. Then again I was born in the Subarctic wastelands and am a bit sensitive to the heat.
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