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04-17-2017 at 09:25 PM
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Overheard on tonights' SIOTS - Trackmania Turbo party

"I hate Buggy's, Why Mike WHY"???

"They cant hear my cursing??? F-that!"

"Complaining about bad tracks is the BEST part about TMT"

"Hey RaGe, if this was golf, you'd be winning!"

"Marc cant play online, its not his fault, living in that damn canyon"

"Still say Sroka wins with his luck"

"Get in there Fishin' Finton, start cursing. IM CONCENTRATING"!!!

"Im off by 16 Fkn seconds man, WTF!" Cmon, get in there Terence, use the Ol' Hammer and Nail"

" Im the #1 swearer! " "Gotta give him a gift card for that too!"
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