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05-12-2017 at 02:34 PM
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Pinball Arcade - Final results

A lot of back and forth action at the finish line. Started the day at 19th, but my official ending was 14th place with over 610 points. With the tournament ending at 2pm (local time) I went on a "frenzy pin-buzz" for the last straight 4 hours of play. Managed to increase my high scores in Firepower, Elvira, Victory and Safecracker (my weakest link of them all, but got credit for the score, as I started the very last game, just before the expired time). I am on vacation, need more Pinball Arcade for a while!!! (who am I kidding?) ;)

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    You came in just under 6% in a very tough crowd of pinball gamers. Nice job Marc!
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