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10-18-2018 at 02:25 PM
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New to the retail market...Which one would you choose?

Id go with the Asteroids/Tempest collection, as it has a spin dial on the panel.

Then I would modify it, and add in all the Arkanoid games.

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  1. Desidious's Avatar

    Street fighter seems the only one that might have more popularity.

  2. Marcade's Avatar

    They do have a 12 in 1, with the dial and trac-ball together... It gets mixed reviews though.

  3. speedy47591's Avatar

    I’d probably also go asteroids tempest. I love those games and I’ve never got to play anything with a trackball, so if I had the money I would definitely indulge my curiosity to see what it was like.

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  4. Squirrel!!'s Avatar

    I agree with the Asteroids/Tempest double feature.

    That spinner is ready to get some Arkanoid love with a Raspberry Pi.

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  5. Kelly Kerr's Avatar

    i might get one. my kids might like it. if they made a donkey kong one, i would be all over it. the asteroids/tempest does look the most appealing. I see that they hey a deluxe version with more atari games. might have to shell out for that one.

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  6. Marcade's Avatar

    Was at Walmart today, had a chance to test out the display.

    For the astute and serious gamers (adults) , its a piece of sh*t.

    Definitely made for a kids playroom, who are interested in classic games. It is at least priced right at $300.

  7. francoisadt's Avatar

    What is inside the cabinets ? Real original PCB or Jamma 1-"Number of" boards like an ICADE? So it is one cabinet => one game => one original PCB?


    Are thse 12-1 boards - => 12 games but with a theme? So one choose an Asteriods theme but inside are 12 games?

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