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04-10-2019 at 03:06 PM
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The debut of the latest Pinball game: Black Knight:Sword of RaGe

I love when they do re-makes or sequels. This will be a winner!

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  1. RaGe's Avatar

    My sword!

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  2. Squirrel!!'s Avatar

    I am a bit worried about the upper playfield... if you want to call it that. In any other game, it was more than just a lock shot and a loop (that seems to be too fast to get anymore loops than one).

    I think I am going to like the Pro more than the Premium. The flow of the Pro, is going to be more enjoyable than a 6 ball multiball.

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  3. Marcade's Avatar

    Brand new (as in out of the box) just today! Sitting isolated at the Pinball Hall of Fame, hidden from the Las Vegas tourists. Only ye olde yokel local knew it was there! (Watch the very end of the video)

    NOBODY puts an "unmentionable Sword of @RaGe" in a corner!!!

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  4. Squirrel!!'s Avatar

    I was a few mil away from winning the launch party, and getting that beautiful plaque. Won game 1, lost game 2, and almost a comeback from behind victory in game 3.

    Couple games later, I got the new Grand Champ, of 163 mil.

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