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04-14-2020 at 02:09 PM
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Not a good day...

Well, I'm in the Hospital ...

This has not been a good morning. After spending the last two weeks quarantined inside the house, I decided to go horseback riding, something I haven't done in many years. It turned out to be a horrible big mistake!
I got on the horse and started out slowly, but then we went a little faster; before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. I couldn't take the pace and fell off and caught my foot in the saddle stirrup, the horse was then dragging me. The horse just would not stop. Thankfully the manager at Dave and Busters (who knows me well) came out and unplugged the machine. He actually had the nerve to take the rest of my coins so I wouldn't try to ride the Elephant !!!

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    I got so anxious reading this. xD

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    My Dad used to take us fishing at a friends pond, and they had horses.

    The Wife asked me and my Sister if we wanted to ride one day, and we said yes.

    Asked my Sister, "By yourself, or do you want me to ride", Sister asked her to ride with her(we were 7 or 8 y/o).

    Asked me same question, I said "by myself". Well, I got on the horse, and it just friggin took off! I expected her to hold the rope and walk me around, but I was doing equestrian crap, lol!

    Anyway, I started to slide off the side...

    I wound up hitting a bale of barbed wire, literally got tangled up in it, Mick Foley style, and they had to use pliers to cut me out.

    So I don't like horses much.


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    hahahha...i just might be stealing this for Facebook tommorow :)
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    That intellivision horse racing game was a great introduction for me into the world of childhood gambling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    That intellivision horse racing game was a great introduction for me into the world of childhood gambling.

    that reminds me, i need to petition all those TG tracks be removed since gambling shouldnt be allowed here

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