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05-28-2020 at 05:49 AM
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    They never base anything on their early comic books, when they were badass killers. I liked those Ninja Turtles, not these wussified-for-the-masses ones. lol

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    I agree...But to market and sell machines, they must cater to the masses with the more popular and known niche branding of them.

    I REALLY want to see a Beavis and Butthead and Wacky Races (Jersey Jack style), and a Stern classic A-Team pin one of these days.

    On the classic rock band side: NO MORE HEAVY METAL!

    Pink Floyd

    Led Zeppelin


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    I want ALF pinball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    I want ALF pinball.

    That might work. You can do the VOICE OVERS!

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    That is the most accurate spot on voice impersonation I've ever heard.

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