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10-08-2016 at 06:50 PM
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Pinball Arcade - Day 2 of 7

Started playing the next group of four: Black Knight, Dr. Dude, Black Rose, Who Dunnit? Unfortunately, the Black Knight glitch is still out there (when you occasionally trap multi-balls on the top ramp) You'd think after 2 years, they would of patched it up by now! Nope, a waste of 15 seconds to reset. :( I did find a new love that I didnt really care much about before, Goin' Nuts!!! This addictive table made me do just that tonight! This rare gem just might be one of the most underrated tables in all of PA. Multiball heaven with a race against the timer!!! Oh, and a quick shoutout to Maxgrinder who has blended into the heavy competition. Good luck, man!

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  1. Max's Avatar
    Nice work in one day Marc. I'm hoping I can find enough time to try and stay in the gold. We'll see.
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  2. timmell's Avatar
    proud of you,marc gonna be gold soon
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  3. Marcade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by timmell
    proud of you,marc gonna be gold soon
    Timmell is awesome! :)
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