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02-11-2020 at 08:39 AM
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Episode 26 of Retro With Marco airs TONIGHT at 9pm ET!

I apologize for the lack of teaser videos ahead of tonight's show. Non-gaming stuff has picked up & has kept me busier than expected.

But it hasn't kept me from preparing for tonight's show which will feature:

- Scoring and Speedrun Shoutouts, including a feat which broke a record from 2007

- Two more bounties: SMB All Signs (N64) and Ms. Pac-Man (C64)

(A lot of $ being offered this year, no? That being said, I like it!)

Tune in TONIGHT at 9pm ET / 6pm PT for Episode 26 - Reward

See you then!

  1. Marco1019's Avatar

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by! More bounties in the wild = more money for all gamers!

    TG gamers who received a shoutout tonight include:


    @JeremyM (Olympic Athlete)



    @Salim Farhat

    I will also post my C64 Ms. Pac-Man bounty rules in a separate post. You could win up to $175!

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  2. RetroRic's Avatar

    Cheers Marco, will catchup with the show this evening after work.

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