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02-11-2020 at 08:40 PM
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C64 Ms. Pac-Man Bounty! Win up to $175 USD

During my most recent episode of my show, I announced a bounty for C64 Ms. Pac-Man. It’s one that was in the works but was delayed due to non-gaming stuff. Anyway, I pasted the rules on Pastebin:

While I announced this earlier tonight & wrote this in the link above, I’ll say it again: Please contact me with any questions you may have, along with any details I may have missed.

Also, I’ve since adjusted the start time to midnight ET, so late night runs starting tonight will be eligible for the bounty.

Good luck to all gamers!


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    Two updates regarding this bounty:

    I'm allowing the C64 Mini as it runs on the VICE emulator. There is a little bit of labor involved to get it running at 50 fps.

    I'm also allowing the C64 with the SD2IEC. Nothing has changed regarding the boot-up - I still want to see it.

    Good luck to all! Happy Gaming!

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