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09-21-2020 at 05:31 PM
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Episode 42 of Retro With Marco airs TOMORROW NIGHT at 9pm ET!

It's been a rough time out here with the fires & poor air quality but a few air purifiers have helped immensely.

So stop on by TOMORROW NIGHT at 9pm ET for Episode 42 of Retro With Marco! Some of the WR shoutouts will include:

- A 2010 scoring record broken

- A 9-year-old speedrun record broken

- An update on a scoring record that has already been doubled

Also, Sonic is 30??

See you then!

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    This is a great show. You should all watch it. Best thing on twitch and viemo.

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    We're inside of 4 hours before we go live with Episode 42!

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    Thanks to everyone who stopped by tonight! And thanks to the air quality for allowing me to breathe during the show!

    The REPLAY of tonight's show will stream tomorrow at 3pm ET / 8pm BST! I'll be in the Twitch chat so stop on by.

    TG gamers receiving a shoutout tonight include:




    @Chris 1-Bit



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