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06-07-2021 at 04:45 PM
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Episode 60 of Retro With Marco airs TOMORROW NIGHT at 9pm ET!

We are one week into June and just one day from Episode 60 of Retro With Marco! Tune in TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9PM ET when you will see...

- Scoring & speedrun shoutouts

- A look at Last Strike, a new homebrew for the Atari Jaguar!

- News & Notes, plus updates on several tournaments including Donkey Kong Barrelpalooza!

Here is a promo video:

See you then!

  1. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Barrelpalooza is incredible and deserves the attention.

  2. evan04's Avatar

    Yeah @bensweeneyonbass I agree Barrelpalooza is awesome :)

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  3. timmell's Avatar

    This is a good show.

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  4. Marco1019's Avatar

    We're about 90 minutes from showtime! Stop on by in the chat!

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  5. Marco1019's Avatar

    Good show tonight! We caught up on a lot of tournaments & challenges, and also took a peek at Ghostbusters for Intellivision!

    TG gamers receiving a shoutout include:

    @Garrett Holland



    @Math Fareswell

    The REPLAY of tonight's show will air on Wednesday, June 9 at 3pm ET / 8pm UTC. I'll be in the chat providing additional commentary & links.

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  6. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    Sorry to cause you to run out of oxygen LOL! Thanks for the shoutout, Marco!

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  7. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Good show. Here's my most recent run on Barrelpalooza. Guys. It's so much fun.

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  8. Marco1019's Avatar

    We're an hour away from the Episode 60 replay! Join me in the chat as I laugh at the new Garfield WR!

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