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01-12-2018 at 09:20 AM
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My Feelings Part 17

I like watching Fly mash buttons.
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  1. Desidious's Avatar
    Dude is a legend.
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  2. Fly's Avatar
    Awe! That's dope! I think I can do that!
  3. datagod's Avatar
    Shoot oppenents for score!
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  4. Fly's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by datagod
    Shoot oppenents for score!
    Shooting accuracy increases multiplier
  5. kernzyp's Avatar
    That's something you don't pick up overnight.
    Button spring is begging for mercy.
  6. Fly's Avatar
    I did. I saw some kid do it bitd and I siad I could do that. I got it on my first try. Only difference is that I did it pointer finger first and he started with his pinky.
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  7. kernzyp's Avatar
    After I first saw your demonstration, I gave it a try.
    1. I could not do it..
    2. My buttons are x-arcade standards, and they get stuck or can't keep up.
    3. Who the feck am I kidding?? :D
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