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10-06-2018 at 07:22 AM
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Wall Spam

The proliferation of wall spam gives the appearance that the site has been abandoned.

@admin staff

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  1. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I'd also like to add, I don't see anything like this on any other website I visit regularly.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i noticed as well last night got an especially bad burst of spam.

    I enjoy that TG is small enough that the default of following everyone works. But if the spam keeps up I'm gonna have to start jut following individuals I already know which will mean I miss out on all the new people.

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  3. Desidious's Avatar

    Folks that work for tg have been tagged numerous times with no response for days now. I'm expecting the same line of "we have new stuff coming soon be patience". I think this community has been more than patient with quite a few things. I think we need to see action and I'm not talking about certificates or any news feed crap, I'm talking about the SITE.

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  4. GibGirl's Avatar

    Hello, I am prince of Mushroom Kingdom, and am need of assistance. cruel Bowser king has taken over, and I am need of assistance for saving my treasure of 100 sealed copies of special NES game Stadium Events. I believe you're only reliable and trustyworthy person to assist in rescue of my great treasure.

    If you are send me the 10,000 gold coins that needed to move the treasure out of now evil Mushroom Kingdom, I will share my 10% of my great treasure with you. Please send coins to me here in Destiny Islands, and I will then be able to continue process. Please, transfer fund urgently without delay into my account.

    Blesses to you in name of Kratos for your assistance.

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  5. GibGirl's Avatar

    Also, what we need is the ability to hide unverified users from our wall feed. That should say least keep us from having to wade through the spam when a wave of it hits.

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  6. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    daaamn there is a LOT of spam right now.

  7. xcess dead rew's Avatar

    Its not spam. Its totally helpful articles. I just learned how to "make fast the money from the book when turn it up!"

    Yeah, this looks bad on the admin.

  8. EVN's Avatar

    It's not just the spam, nobody is curating the dispute forum, bugs are reported quicker than they are fixed, the heavy hand doesn't moderate drama.... The list goes on.

  9. EVN's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by GibGirl

    Also, what we need is the ability to hide unverified users from our wall feed. That should say least keep us from having to wade through the spam when a wave of it hits.

    This would be a great feature if admin is reading. While we're at it can we by default hide posts from people on our ignore list from the "everyone" feed too.

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  10. xcess dead rew's Avatar

    That seems a lot better way to keep the community feel while getting rid of this BS.

  11. Snowflake's Avatar

    in the meantime -- not that we should have to since the spam is self-evident -- is everyone reporting the spam as it comes up? I know it sounds silly, but theres been a few prodedural things i've been surprised at before that are needed before action gets taken

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