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Mario Bros. 1983 Points - No POW Challenge [Single Player Only] 2,134,120 1 view leader board
Mario Bros. Points [Single Player Only] 5,424,920 1 view leader board

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This was truly an almost IMPOSSIBLE goal that was achieved last night for a 2 player game on the hardest difficulty. Enjoy and spread the word gamers. This game is the stuff of Legends!!
One of the hardest things you can do on Mario Bros. Hardest NO POW Doubles, getting 1 million points or better......

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So a couple thoughts here. I watched Man Vs. Snake yesterday, which was a great doc and very well done! On the other hand what I am attempting to do at this event, albeit not as long in hours as what they were doing in Nibbler, time wise, is overall extremely more difficult than just running patterns

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