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11-01-2016 at 09:18 AM
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Japan ROM Mario Bros. Marathon attempt at Free Play Florida!!...

So a couple thoughts here. I watched Man Vs. Snake yesterday, which was a great doc and very well done! On the other hand what I am attempting to do at this event, albeit not as long in hours as what they were doing in Nibbler, time wise, is overall extremely more difficult than just running patterns over and over again. I want to make sure that there can, at the least, be a genuine understanding and acknowledgement of what I will be trying to do at the event, so people can understand the magnitude and difficulty level in person, that may cause more interest to watch the play of the game, as opposed to last year, when nobody had any idea nor cared about what I was doing with Mario Bros. Mario is the most recognized character in the world of gaming, hands down, period, and me trying to marathon, not only the catalyst, but also the hardest of Mario games, should be held in regard and understood by other gamers not for my own glory and praise, but for attention to the game and how important this game was and is in the eternal scheme of the most popular franchise in the world of gaming. I hope all who come to this event, will watch and realize what it really means, on Saturday November 12th, when I attempt to survive on one credit from open to close of this event, attempting to playing Mario Bros. for roughly 12 to 14 hours.
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  1. datagod's Avatar
    Wow! That sounds very intense. How many hours do you envision aging? With there be any coverage or streaming? Best of luck man. You already got the skills.
  2. 1500points's Avatar
    If you were to have a streaming commentator doing a play by play to highlight the strategy it would help.
    we tried to do that in the Robo gauntlet events including the developers. If you don't intimately know about playing a specific game, it is difficult to pick out the high-end strategies being employed to beat the enemy dynamics.

    This isn't only a video game streaming issue. Take the baseball world series. The commentators explain pitch count strategy on almost every play. That's the bridge to the viewer staying interested.

    Good luck!
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  3. Jace Hall's Avatar
    This will be incredibly impressive!
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