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03-14-2019 at 04:40 PM
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Wall Entry at 03-15-2019 12:39 AM

Live at Free Play Florida 2018 and verified!! Doubles, Hardest Variation, New WR...

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  1. Conjured Entertainment's Avatar

    Another one of these links corrupting itself.

    @admin staff you may want to check these errors out as well.

    There is another recent wall post with a bad link that has the same duplicate hypertext transfer protocol information with a trailing %22 being prefixed to the correct link, and another %22 trailing on the end.

    Remove those and the link is what it should be and how the text appears...


    Also, I typed both of those paths in my post, then used the 'unlink' option on them, which works perfectly in the preview, but, as you can see above, once I save the changes, then it is automatically linking them again, which removes the text of the paths that I was trying to show you.

    I Just tried replaceing the H in https with an X in the hopes it will display those paths for you. (so you know why the X's are there when they shouldn't be)

    Just left click his link, (which will show you the error message)

    Then, right click it and copy the link location and paste it somewhere, and you will see what I am trying to show you,

    Will try to bring to attention of @SincerelyFranny too, if it will allow me to tag both of you in the same post.

    Clicking the OP's link gives me the following error message...

    Strangest thing I have seen so far,

    It doesn't work for them, but I cannot get it to not work for me no matter what I do.

    I am trying everything just to display those paths without linking them and can't.

    Not sure why it is working with the Xttps:// but it is.

    Baffled... but I am not using any link buttons or anything, just typing the path in the textbox and that is it. (other than trying to 'unlink' it)

    Tried a Z now instead of X, and it stilled showed them. So, you have the ability to access my raw text for this post, but I think you can figure out what I am trying to say with that.


    Congratulations on your achievement guys!

    Updated 03-15-2019 at 02:32 PM by Conjured Entertainment
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