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12-07-2017 at 03:55 PM
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YouTube Video in Submissions

I admit that I am guilty of putting in submissions with ONLY YouTube videos. Because that was my only means of getting my lengthy videos submitted. If it was a short video, for example, my recent 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge video, then I was able to upload directly to the site. My Final Fight 2 submission DID go through, but it was in queue for a good few months. My reputation as far as submitting with YouTube videos has been 100%. Nothing hidden, nothing to hide, easily viewed without trouble and I will continue to keep it that way. From this day on, I SHOULD be able to submit with directly uploading to the site on all videos, but I haven't been able to test those waters yet.

Regardless of my history of not setting my videos to private, or removing my videos before/after adjudication is finalized, I respect user's decisions to not vote on my submissions IF there is a YouTube video submission. I hate to see my work not be fairly adjudicated, but it is what it is. As for previous submissions, my videos are always available for viewing.

Thanks all and have a good one!
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    The Circle Jerks kinda ruined it, might want to take it up with them.. you might only talk to one person though.
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