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07-09-2019 at 02:28 PM
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Gyruss 72H Challenge

After a failed attempt in February that ended suddenly do to a calculation error
will Kim attempt to play 72 hours on Gyruss, starting Friday the 02-08-2019 at
09:00 in the morning.

This time we have taken some precautions so it won't end like it did last time;
There's an updated spreadsheet, that subtracts 40 lives on the the first 53
hours of play + and another spreadsheet that counts the *actual lives remaining*

*Last time I, and the other's there where attending, overheard a total of 40 lives
lost when Kim was playing, the reason is still a bit unclear, but we think that:

1. We simply didn't hear when he said he lost a life.
2. He lost 2 or more lives in a short time (5-10 seconds) and we only heard
on life or 2 less that he actually lost.
3. Kim forgot to say he lost a life...

*actual: The reason the second spreadsheet is created, is, if it shows he approaches
255 lives, we don't dare to take the chance that he suddenly get another life, and
rolls the fives to 0.

If you're interested in follow the attempt + other attempts to break TG records, you
can follow these streams: Secondary stream

Hope to see you around.

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  1. Muerto's Avatar

    And the streams is:

    Secondary Stream

  2. Muerto's Avatar

    @admin staff

    I try to post 2 different streaming web addresses, and I can't believe this forum still can't handle this, and only posts one of the stream addresses........ jeez!

  3. datagod's Avatar

    Love watching him play. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. The Evener's Avatar

    Looking forward to this! Great to see that he's gunning for the record again.

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