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07-31-2019 at 10:46 PM
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Gyruss 72H Challange starts in 15 minutes

A day ahead of schedule, but still a lot og Gyruss.

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    Good luck Kim!

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    Coming up on 24 Hrs, and Kim has had 2, 60 lives break, that equals to 2 times 6-7 minutes break, but if we compare remaining lives, he got 74 more at this point than last time he tried, and are still up for the task...

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    just passed 70 million 61.5 hours.. GO KIM GO!

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    Looooong and hard story short..

    Kim's attempt ended yesterday at 23:23:38 local time, in a very good mood, laughing and having a good time.
    He already started hallucinated from 16 hrs, so, the visions were quite annoying all ready from the beginning of the attempt....

    Kim pulled through, battling fatigue, and himself (!) though ending up on the good side with friends and family beside him at the end.

    This was one of the most awesome events I have ever participated in, and the spirits and inputs from the chat definitely made an impact on the overall experience!

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by the stream, just to watch or send a shoutout to Kim, everything helped!!!!!!

    The Shed will be back soon with other marathon records....

    All the best


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    What was his final score?

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