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09-02-2019 at 04:36 AM
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Score submission


I'm trying to help Kim upload his Gyruss score.
The evidence video is 18 video files with a total size of 59,6GB

The problem is the TG website "crashes" when I upload them all (it get so slow that I can't maneuver around) and accept.

It also doesn't help if I upload 3 of them at the time, and tries to add more video files.... help.

@admin staff @Dave Hawksett


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  1. redelf's Avatar

    Just start some random submission, doesn't even have to be for Gyruss. Upload 1 video and then submit. Ask people to not vote on it till you get all the videos uploaded. Then continue to upload the video files to that submission. Once you got all the videos up and they work, start the real submission using the links of the other videos so that you can get them all up at once and in order. Makes for a clean easy to see progression of videos and such.

    Other option is to recode the videos and get them to be smaller and then do the above or if you get it small enough just uplaod to the real submisssion.

    I'd suggest doing it the first way I explained. Still can't figure out why TG wont set up a holding place to do this so that you don't have to waste submission points.

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  2. Muerto's Avatar

    That's a way to do it, though, Kim "just" signed on here, and only have a Free pass (no submission points yet.)

    Also, the video is in full HD, with direct capture, and ok nice to look at, and don't want to compromise that, by compressing that into a smaller file...

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  3. redelf's Avatar

    Send me the vids on thumb drive or card and I will upload and then you can copy the links and do the above mentioned.

  4. Barthax's Avatar

    Option 1:

    Upload just the first part as the whole submission and then use the Add Video Evidence in the submission thread to add all the other parts.

    Option 2:

    You can upload the submission video and use the Preview feature - copy the URL but do not submit the run yet. Repeat this until you have all but one part completed. From each of those URLs, keep the number before the /player bit only.

    In the submission message of the final upload, use each of the numbers inside a vzaar tag. For example, using my own footage numbered 20797465, I would enter the following:

    Vzaar Video Url:

    (You'll have to quote this message to see the content.)

    If you struggle at all, just copy & paste all those URLs into the submission message instead - the community will help resolve it.

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  5. Muerto's Avatar

    Thanks for the inputs!

    I'm in the process of compressing the videos, so hopefully in reducing the size, it will accept them without crashing/freezing the site.

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