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07-21-2021 at 08:46 AM
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Open Shed 1CC event


On the 14-07-2021 from 08:30 AM and running till 00:05 AM the 15-07-2021, there will be a 1CC event, where some of the best Danish players, will "do their stuff" in either completing a game, roll the score or reach a score that's considered a 1CC (1 Credit Clear) - All times are CET

The schedule looks like this:

Catch the stream on:


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  1. HAN's Avatar

    Wait, is the date above wrong?

    Otherwise it has already happened...or do you mean August 14 - Aug 15?

    In any case, I'll try to tune in. I really like the trend of 1CC streams, and you've got some great players at The Shed.

  2. Muerto's Avatar

    Its happening next month..

    Don't know how to convert to US malfunction time :D :D

    Stream starts Saturday the 14 of August 08:30 CET, and continues for 15+ hours :)

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  3. Muerto's Avatar

    Post 1CC

    One of the best event I had in The Shed - busy as hell throughout the day, but it was awesome!!!

    Re-watch the entire 1CC here:

    Thanks to all that stopped by the stream!!! - and attended in person!

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