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11-08-2021 at 06:44 AM
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Need Help Adding Derivative Tracks for Horizon Zero Dawn

Attention Track Founders

I need your help to create derivative tracks for the game Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4. This is an excellent game and one of the top sellers for the PS4. There are six hunting grounds in this game, five for the main game and one for the DLC The Frozen Wilds. Within each of the hunting grounds, there are three timed challenges to test the protagonist Alloy’s machine hunting skill. That makes 18 tracks that can be competed on here in the Galaxies.

I’ll be very grateful if anyone of the original track founders ( @Pixe Sukola , @Ragequit , @Barthax , @starcrytas , @Desidious )


Nora Hunting Grounds

  • Parts Alone Trial (Fastest Time) [ALREADY IN DATABASE]
  • Logpile Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Blastwire Trial (Fastest Time)

Valleymeet Hunting Grounds

  • Fire Fight Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Freeze Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Shock Trial (Fastest Time)

Greatrun Hunting Grounds

  • Parts Wrangling (Fastest Time)
  • Pace Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Tie Down Trial (Fastest Time)

Spurflints Hunting Grounds

  • Watchout Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Sleight of Crate Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Stalker Kill Trial (Fastest Time)

Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds

  • Ravager vs. Machines Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Ravager Control Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Thunderjaw vs. Ravager Trial (Fastest Time)

Frozen Wilds DLC – Snowchants Hunting Grounds

  • Control Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Onslaught Trial (Fastest Time)
  • Chieftain’s Trial (Fastest Time)
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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Cool, I'll get these queued up. :D

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  2. Barthax's Avatar

    Queued & work set in motion - should be done in about 20 mins.

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  3. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Awesome - Thanks Pete!

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  4. Desidious's Avatar

    Totally something I did and never finished because I moved on without finishing the game. I plan on coming back to it eventually but my gaming adventures has me searching for local rarities these days.

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