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10-12-2018 at 06:05 AM
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MOWE T4 - Hot Wheels Game / Track Rules

Hello Everyone,

The next MOWE Tournament (#4), kicks-off on October 15. There's still a few days left to pick -up the game (Hot Wheels Interactive Stunt Track Challenge) and join the competition. Its available on the PS2 and XBox platform, released for NTSC and PAL regions. I've seen it go for as little as $6 USD on Amazon but it might be even cheaper at your local retro game store.

This blog post is meant to develop track rules for this game. The game itself has two basic modes: Game Show and Arcade. Player competes in the Game Show mode to unlock the next challenge, races, decal collection, and new show themes. The Arcade Quick Mode allows a player to replay the challenges and races unlocked in Game Show mode. There are two basic game track types:

- Races................measured by time where lowest is best

- Challenges.......measured by integer where highest is best

Proposed Track Rules

Platform: PlayStation 2

Game: Hot Wheels Interactive Stunt Track Challenge

Track Name: NTSC Jurassic Jam - Terror Saur - Fastest Race

Track Rules:

General Rules:

- Player allowed to use a saved profile

- Option Screen - Audio, Controller Configuration, and Screen Settings are Player's Choice

- Any Car Permitted

- Car Cosmetics (Colors, Decals, Wheels) are Player's Choice

- Game Modes Allowed - Game Show and Arcade Quick Play (Race or Challenge)

Fastest Race Rules:

- For Arcade Quick Play Mode (Race): 3 Laps and AI = On

Fastest Lap Rules:

- For Arcade Quick Play Mode (Race): Laps (3-9) and AI (On/Off) are Player's Choice

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Those cars...


    Still a "mebbe" from me.

    Looks like it will be a fun tourney!

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