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10-15-2018 at 04:32 AM
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MOWE T4 - Day 1 Event Announcement

MOWE Tournament #4 Begins

Today is the first day of the MOWE Tournament #4 - Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Celebration. Each day, for the next six days, I will announce three tracks at random, for each of the six Game Show themes, within the game Hot Wheels Interactive Stunt Track Challenge. Competitors will have til the end of the 10th day after the announcement to post submissions to TGSAP and accumulate tournament points.

Today's announcement is from the games Jurassic Jam game show theme. Competitors will have until October 24th (11:59 pm EDT) to submit their performances.

Track #1 - Challenge- Target Jump

Track #2 - Challenge - Freestyle

Track #3 - Challenge - Tower Climb

This is an open competition so any community members are eligible to join the competition. Good Luck to all the competitors!

Also - special thanks to @nads for his generous submission point contribution to help fund tracks for this game!

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