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10-17-2018 at 04:11 AM
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MOWE T4 - Day 3 Event Announcement


Avast ye and batten down those hatches as there is a storm approaching over yonder. Shiver me timbers, its those damn Hot Wheels coming at us from all angles. Fill up me black jack and pull up a stool, these sons of sea biscuits are crazy, even by the jolly roger's standards.

For Day three of the tournament, we venture forth to explore three tracks from Buccaneer Bay, the third theme in the Hot Wheels Interactive Stunt Track Challenge game. The three tracks are listed below and submission are due in 10 days (10/26 @ 11:59pm EDT). Break out your PS2 or XBox and find that booty!

#7 Race - Whiteskull Cliffs

#8 Challenge - Freestyle

#9 Race - Monsters of the Deep

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