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10-27-2018 at 06:09 AM
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MOWE T4 - Cancelled

The wheels fell of this tournament right from the start. A competition of one is less exciting than dancing with myself (apologies to Billy Idol). I'll still submit inaugural records for the Hot Wheels Interactive Stunt Track Challenge game on the PS2. Unfortunately the tournament failed to create competition across platforms (PS2 and XBox) and more than one submission within each track leaderboard.

Maybe next time, the tournament will draw more than one competitor. That is all. :)

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I feel bad over this one-I kinda pushed for the Hot Wheels, really thought it would draw some competitors in.

    I'll try to find the game soon and at least put up some scores with ya.

    Small silver lining-

    Lol, you gotta know people may have been intimidated, racing against one of the very best wheelmen out there!

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  2. Desidious's Avatar

    That and most of my consoles are packed away except the ps4, some portables, the ps1 from the last tourney, and surprisingly enough some Gamecubes. Sorry about that but hopefully soon I can better participate.

    Honestly I wish the site had more activity and these tourneys could be more fun!

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  3. speedy47591's Avatar

    I thought I was going to be able to when I saw the list of potentials, but you picked the one game that I didn’t have a system for. I just hope this isn’t the end of the mowe for good. Wanting to enter this tournament is the whole reason I just picked up a PlayStation 2, and part of the reason I’m so excited about hopefully getting a 360 next week when I get paid. The other part being lollipop chainsaw. I know they are basic systems most gamers have already, but I didn’t start gaming until I joined tg in February so I’m still gathering a lot of things. I’m really sorry I couldn’t participate. Please don’t get discouraged.

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  4. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    As an over-sharer, and honest to the point that it actually gets me in trouble sometimes, lol, I guess I feel obligated to say:

    I think I shied away because of the invested time necessary to get competitive cars and such(which is probably not as much as I think).

    I do know, most modern(PS2 is modern to me...)system games can only be fully enjoyed with the unlocked content, so I deserve a "boo" for being lazy, but I really do think it's why I didn't jump in on this one.

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  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious

    Honestly I wish the site had more activity and these tourneys could be more fun!

    This notion just occurred to me-

    I rarely used the feature when it was available, but I think the active chat, at the bottom of the screen, where you could see who was online and communicate in real time, was something that kept the site "minute to minute" active, as opposed to "day to day"-I think others used that a lot, I'm not sure what happened to it.

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  6. swaggers's Avatar

    For me the schedule was too aggressive. I also didn't have either of the systems the game was available on. Which in itself is not a problem, I'm always looking to get the next system I've been missing but the schedule of start time and the play time was too much this time. Love what you're doing though with these and hope you continue.

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  7. Ragequit's Avatar

    Sorry dude...

  8. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Several reasons why I didn't join, in order of importance.

    1. I don't own the game.

    2. I'm focused on my goal of getting at least 1000 ES points to be at the top 100, and games like Metropolis Street Racer and Mario Kart offer this.

    3. You are too good in racing games and I feel I would be competing for 2nd places.

    4. Even if a get a few 1st places, they still don't count toward my total of WR.

    Tournaments are alwasy fun and I'm looking foward to participate in them in the future. Keep it up!

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  9. GibGirl's Avatar

    So far, all of the challenges have been either badly timed for my schedule (like this last one getting going while I was in Hawaii), games I couldn't find at all until later (Torino), or something I was completely uninterested in (Golf).

    I still want to compete in one in the future!

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