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06-29-2019 at 07:51 AM
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2K 11 Major League Baseball

I'm in the middle of my fifth year playing this baseball game. My player Mr Schlitter, is having a fantastic year as the the Center Fielder for the Chicago Cubs. Unfortunately, the Cubs are not doing so well; last place in the NL Central 40wins 48 losses.

At the All-Star break, my offensive stats are:

BA - .503

HR - 56

RBI - 137

SB - 41

With just over 1/2 the regular season complete, will I achieve the following goals:

1) BA above .500

2) 110 HRs (pb 102)

3) 300 RBIs (pb 288)

4) 90 SBs (pb 87)

5) Cubs make the playoffs

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    After sixteen more games played and a hitting drought against the Reds, the season goals are further out of reach. The only good news is I didn't fall further back in the pennant race.

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    The season goes from bad to worse after a miserable road trip; losing three series and getting swept in a 4 game series against the Rockies. Going back to Wrigley straightened things up as the Cubbies won 2 of 3 series, including a sweep of the Padres. It looks like the individual season goals are a bust. I needed to overachieve to reach these stretch goals but the Summer heat must be getting to me. Maybe my player will find some energy and start knocking them out of the park at a ridiculous rate once again.

    Upcoming series include Dodgers(4), Nationals(3), Mets(3), and Astros(3). Another status report after those 13 games are complete.

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    The last 13 games was a bit of a mixed bag. I started to string together a decent hitting streak and stabilized my batting average. Most of my hits were singles; hardly any power shots. Oh and the team still stinks. Lots of blown leads in the 9th inning. The GM better get me a good closer for next year. Maybe I have a shot at the batting average and stolen base goals.

    Upcoming series with the Mets(3), Pirates(3), Red(3), and Brewers(4). Reds are in first so if I sweep them and all the other team's key players break there legs, the Cubs would still be too far out to matter. :)

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    I don't play baseball games much, had RBI, Extra Innings, and Baseball for NES as a kid-My family were all little league coaches(Dixie Youth, in north Fla), Grandfather, Dad and two uncles were head coaches on different teams-in the same age division and east/west division(?), lol, so we got to see each other a lot.

    I was an embarrassment to the Family my first few years playing, picking my nose in the outfield, scared of getting hit by a pitch when batting, lol, pretty bad stuff.

    Went to baseball camp in St. Petersburg, Fla, it was kinda a big deal place I think, I was a kid so only sorta remember, but after that I had a couple of years where I was on fire-moved to mostly third base, sometimes first, made a lot of Odell-style(football reference...) one-handed plays, I liked to get the ball barehanded if I could, and I led the league in OBP the next couple of years-lead off hitter, you were going to throw me something I could hit, or you were going to throw me something I could lean into and take a base. I didn't shed a tear taking a fastball to the ribs, but I cried when I didn't get on base, and that didn't happen a lot.


    This is something that, when the tournament system is up and running, will be AWESOME-you get enough people for a league, stream it on the livefeeds, and I bet it will be something that people pay attention to.

    I'm sure @Ninglendo would consider jumping in with his Brewers if it was a system he plays, and I could see me being the Marlins and dogging it up just for fun.


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    Rogerpoco, you have a story or reference in hand for just about everything. One of these days when I'm in your neck of the woods or I'm in yours, I'm going to buy you a few beers and wax poetic. I have one little league story but it's not as good.

    Loved playing baseball as a kid. I still remember my first wooden bat and glove that I got as Christmas gifts. I was either 5 or 6 years old. That was right before my parents separated and later divorced. My Dad got full custody of me and my sister (rare in the 70s) for which I'm thankful. As a single parent, my Dad worked a minimum of 6 times a week. With the Little League games played on Saturday morning / afternoon and a good 6-7 miles on the other side of town, I didn't have any means to register and get to the games.

    Anyway, I had a good friend who's parents basically adopted me for the Summer. I was there just about every day, especially around dinner time. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal, and Dad (love him to bits) isn't much of a cook. My friends father was a huge baseball guy. He loved to tell the story of how he had a tryout for a major league team but got into a car accident, which ruined his shot as a big league pitcher. So Lloyd, my friends father, was the coach of her little league team at the time. I went to one of their games and well their team wasn't that good. I was pretty athletic back-in the day and for my age and seeing that his team was struggling, he asked me if I wanted to join the team.

    ABSOLUTELY! No doubt in my mind... I wanted to play and learn how to play the game better. And of course, my ride situation is solved as I can hitch along with the coach and my friend.

    Lloyd approached the league officials after the game, to let them know I was going to join his team. Unfortunately, they objected to me joining his team since he had a larger team roster than some of the other teams. If I wanted to play, I would have to join the other team they just played, Not knowing anyone on that team and uncomfortable bring up my whole domestic, single parent situation, I respectfully declined and walked away from a chance to play. I was uncomfortable saying to much about my family situation and figured I'd keep my pride and situation to myself, rather than swallow my pride and let the other kids know my situation was different from theirs.

    So in a way, I live a bit vicariously through these video games, as I didn't have that many chances to play youth athletics.

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    It's a shame how Adults can be noncooperative and stubborn at times-I would say join a softball team and have at it, but that would take away from game time, no nix that idea, 2k11 seems like a great way to fill the niche!

    Story extension, my Son just texted me a couple pics, he's at a small BBQ chain in north Florida, Ken's,(visiting my Father), right this second-the place we almost always ate at after baseball games...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerpoco

    It's a shame how Adults can be noncooperative and stubborn at times-I would say join a softball team and have at it, but that would take away from game time, no nix that idea, 2k11 seems like a great way to fill the niche

    I joined both co-ed and male softball leagues several years back. Definitely some good times with a stark difference between the fun and competitive leagues. I'll hit up the backing cages every once in awhile to see if I can still smack liner to both sides of the field. Tendinitis in my elbow and age has slowed me down a little bit. No tendinitis in my fingers so 2K11 it is!

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    Wow - the power stroke came back with a vengeance. I blasted nineteen dingers in 13 games, including a couple of grand slams. The team even managed to put together a 5 game win streak. With only 16 games left to go, its still unlikely that I hit any of the five season goals. However, I might get a couple of personal bests (average and home runs).

    Here's what the rest of the schedule looks like -

    @Brewers (3 games)

    @Giants (4 games)

    Pirates (3 games)

    Diamond Backs (3 games)

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    Season five of the 2K11 Baseball season comes to an end. The Cubs finish tied with the Astros (remember this is an old game) for last place in the NL Central. The Big Schlitter missed all five season goals but he did set a personal best in batting average (.499). The general manager better get to steppin' and build a decent team around this guy. Free agency is an option of the Cubs can't get their !#$% together.

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