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09-03-2016 at 05:06 AM
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Labor Day Weekend Game Related Goals

Its time to dig deeper in my wallet and shell out some cash for a new TV. That will give me a third option and enough space to finally set-up my PS4.

Games on tap for the day weekend.

Playstation 4

- Just Cause 4

- No Man's Sky

Playstation 3

- The Last Guy (Inaugural Records)

- Just Cause 2 (Inaugural Records)

- Zen Pinball 2 (Record Attempts?)

Xbox 360

- Forza 3 (Record Attempt)

- Forza Horizon (Record Attempt)

- Fable II (Just for Fun)

Playstation 2

- Pinball Hall of Fame (Record Attempt)

- Gran Turismo 4 (Record Attempts)

- Snoopy vs Red Barron (Record Attempts)

- Atari / Activision / Intellivision Compliations (Record Attempts)

  1. spectre's Avatar
    Pretty sweet list. Sounds like it's going to be an awesome weekend.

    What record(s) are you going for on Forza Horizon? @Barthax peaked my interest with a recent submission so I have my eye on that title too.
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