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07-30-2021 at 07:06 AM
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Personal Milestone

I want to pat myself on the back as I recently achieved a personal milestone. I've been lurking, submitting, and conversing at Twin Galaxies. I've seen 'good' people leave, pot-stirrers stay, and vice-versa. I've witnessed three or four (lost count) ownership changes as this site, like the legendary Phoenix rising again and again from ashes, try to gain prominence in the competitive gaming space. Through it all, and against the advice of my doctor, I'm still here submitting personal gaming achievements to see how I stack-up with others on this site. Submitting at a slow and steady pace, I surpassed 2,000 Twin Galaxies records.

Taking a page out of Snoop Dogs acceptance speech, I want to first and foremost thank ME for all time, analysis, and skill sharpening techniques needed to achieve so many 1st place scores. Without me, none of this would be possible!!!


In all serious, thanks to the Community for giving me reasons to stick around for over 10 years and for adjudicating all these submissions over that time span. This is a hobby and passion that you won't become rich, end up collecting more, and some where along the way, you meet good people that share the same passion once bitten by the video game bug.

Thanks Everyone!

PS - Administrators if you are reading this, we don't need decimal places for the number of 1st place leader board. :)

  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    It's been awesome watching you work all these years, Man!

    Strokes and Folks, but I too think one should be proud of the overall accomplishments as much as the individual accomplishments on games.

    Not to say "it's not fair" to some who only play one certain system, but when you truly enjoy many different platforms the overall numbers become a different ballgame really, as much a part of what we are trying to accomplish as the individual scores.

    We don't actually cross up on games as much as you'd think really-I kinda feel as if I've hit a wall myself, not much left to play, but(if you choose to do so), there are a LOT of systems left for you to take on, and a lot of #1's still out there for you to grab!

    Congrats, Man!

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  2. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Thanks Bud! I missed out on the Nintendo to Sega Dream cast era. I was more into computer gaming in the mid 1980s up to early 2000s. For the titles we both compete on, mostly the Atari and Activision compilations on the Playstation platforms, its been both fun and a learning experience. Someday soon I'm going to connect the Atari 2600 and go full blown retro. Oddly enough, I liked the Atari 5200 more than the 2600 back-in-the-day. That is for the 1-2 years when the joysticks worked. :P

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  3. Desidious's Avatar

    This is one of the few reasons worth sticking around this place. I'm happy for you, sir.

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  4. starcrytas's Avatar

    Congrats on the milestone!

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  5. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Congrats man!!

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  6. Barthax's Avatar

    Awesome, congrats. :D Great to be able to go head-to-head on the odd occasion and brilliant to see many of my meagre passtime efforts get floored. :D

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  7. kernzyp's Avatar

    I remember you saying a few months back, about getting here.
    Just a matter of time. Well done, budski !
    Where's my hammer and chisel...

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