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12-15-2017 at 12:32 PM
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A Wall Entry thingy

There has to be a first time for everything, right?

After not having access to one at all for the past years, I decided to get myself a second hand GBA SP. Felt great to be able to take a look at those old games again and see what was still saved on there. As expected there were some dead batteries here and there (several pokemon games, mr. driller, magical drop etc.) but luckily some of the newer games, such as ruby and sapphire, as well as crystal were still perfectly fine! But that wasn't even the biggest surprise: that happened when I opened up pokemon pinball ruby & sapphire and looked at the highscores.

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These were scores I made well over 10 years ago, when I was only around 10 years old. Even back then I already had my mind set on getting the highest score, and it clearly shows how far I was pushing that: the top score must've taken me well over 8 hours of playing. (FYI, 3rd and 6th place are my dad)

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Here's another one, endless mode of Columns Crown this time. This one isn't as impressive to me nowadays but I know for sure it felt like a huge accomplishment back then, as nobody else in the family could even get close to it. This just shows that gaming is a big part of me, it always has been, and no matter what people say to me about it nowadays I'll never stop playing all the games I love and continue setting amazing records!
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    Hey, that's pretty awesome-especially having played with your Dad, that's great!

    I have a couple old computers out in the shed, lol, that probably have .sav files from flashcarts, from when I was playing NDS regularly with no ambition except my own, not knowing high scores mattered anywhere.

    I bet I could find some Break 'em All and Meteos scores that are just stupid, and I know I beat Metroid Pinball more than once.

    I need to dig that stuff out for kicks-glad you found those and still had battery life to see the scores-insano scores for a 10 y/o, BTW!!!
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