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8 Eyes NTSC - Points 1,419,950 TGSAP 1 view leader board
A Boy & His Blob: Trouble On Blobonia NTSC - Fastest Completion 04:45.0 TGSAP 1 view leader board
Lifeforce NTSC - Points 12,235,790 TGSAP 1 view leader board
Xenophobe 1990 NTSC - Points 999,990 TGSAP 1 view leader board
The Pinball Arcade [Medieval Madness] - Points 88,998,090 TGSAP 2 view leader board

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Just wanted to make a wall post and direct a lot of the discussion going on in this thread

Since the conversation went off topic on many ideas let's discuss those ideas here

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@TB-303 is at it again! He is doing a 20 hour marathon on Mousetrap for the Atari 2600. You can watch on his twitch page at this link
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*Credit goes to EZscape*

Watched a great YouTube video made by EZscape about the longest standing speedrun world records. To my surprise the second and third longest standing records are right here on TG! Tom Votava's Adventures of Lolo 3 on the NES is currently the second longest standing

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While the research teams works on getting all the rom name info updated on MAME I made a spreadsheet to help people out in the meantime. This is basically a quick reference sheet to most of the rom name changes over the years. I also provided TG links to each game as well. I hope this helps people out

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Just thought I would take the time to introduce myself to the TG community. My name is Glen Updike but some of you might know me on here as Ninglendo. I'm a lifelong gamer and lover of everything competitive gaming. I've been following the TG scoreboard since the early 2000's and have had the honor

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