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01-25-2018 at 02:37 PM
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Why Do I Try?

I have spent years trying to champion Twin Galaxies and more importantly the gamers and community. So it's quite frustrating and disheartening when I see what is going on within the site and outside of the site. All the years of effort trying to bridge a gap between communities and trying to convince people this is THE place to go feels like it was wasted. I am usually the last one to shine a light on anything negative with the site, but when it directly involves your efforts then it makes a person feel like something should be said. I try to make this a fun place to be involved with, I try to make every gamer feel important, I try to help people understand how to use the website, and I try to grow the community as much as I can. So why do I try? I don't get paid for these efforts, but everything I do is for a genuine love of the scoreboard and community.

To me Twin Galaxies has been an abusive relationship for years, but everyday I wake up and pray for the best. Everyday I log in I try to make people feel like they are important and try to make them feel good about being here. In all honesty I should of left the site years ago after how I and some of my friends were publicly treated by previous owners. When it comes to the site I have been screwed by previous refs, previous owners, gamers, etc, but I always put that behind me and move forward. Let's just say it gets harder and harder to do that after 10+ years.

Recently, I have started the "live adjudication" streams which have been a hit for this community. It's provided a place where people can discuss at length games and the scoreboard itself. I usually put in about 30-40 hours a week with this effort which is a lot considering I already have a full time job on top of that. That's how much I care. It seems to me all of this effort in providing a fun place where people can make friends and discuss their passion is something the people running the site should already be doing.

I guess I'm making this post to share my feelings on everything. As a person that has tried so hard for many years to make this the best place it can be and then in one day see all that effort go down the drain because of one forum thread. It really does make me sad. So I guess I'm at a crossroad... Do I continue my efforts like I have been for years or do I finally throw in the towel? I have made a lot of friends within this community so in a way I don't wanna give up on my friends. I just don't wanna look back in the future at my time here and say "Man... you wasted half your life trying to make the best of something that wasn't even yours and at the end of the day it didn't even matter." As always all I can do is hope things get better and hope the community grows. That's really all I can do at this point.

Thanks for reading,
  1. Marcade's Avatar
    " I don't get paid for these efforts, but everything I do is for a genuine love of the scoreboard and community."

    Read that back every single day!

    You are not trying, you are "doing".
    As always, myself and others appreciate all your adjudicating efforts !!!

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  2. Marco1019's Avatar
    It's never a waste when you follow your heart because you learn more about your capabilities. You've been following your heart throughout, so my advice would be to continue doing so. That way you have no regrets.
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  3. Snowflake's Avatar
    I saw a lot of change in tone in the forum recently. I actually partially have my faith restored. I say wait until the march 1st deadline. Leaving is a big decision, and you dont wanna be one of those drama queens who always talk about leaving and yet always comes back. For something this big, wait the month, thats not so long.
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  4. Ninglendo's Avatar
    I would never leave the site entirely, but I have been going above and beyond dedicating countless hours towards the site and community for a very long time now. My question to myself is do I continue those efforts or just take a backseat to everything? It's hard to wanna continue efforts when you see all the negative things people are saying outside and some even within the website. It's a weird feeling to have for sure.
  5. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar
    Thank you so much for all you do, Glen!

    We appreciate all the effort and positivity you bring to the site.

    Just how you mentioned, "Everything I do is for a genuine love of the scoreboard and community." - We share the same sentiment and will continue working diligently to improve the site.
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  6. Max's Avatar
    Hey Glen, I found your hoodie.

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  7. Marcade's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Max
    Hey Glen, I found your hoodie.
    OH, look at that! With a logo patch and everything! ;)
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  8. redelf's Avatar
    Posting about your passion is a good thing, it means you really want to help and support the community. Take the weekend off and enjoy yourself and don't worry about us, we'll be waiting for your return. Some effort you put into this site is wasted, but most of that effort is not wasted and it goes a long way in making this a better place, it just takes time and more effort.

    Thanks for doing the live adjudications, I've only participated a few times but it is making a difference.
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  9. Desidious's Avatar
    You've made me feel like I belong here, to me that's something.
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  10. HugDD's Avatar
    Glen mate, thanks for sharing your thoughts and saying what's been needed to say for quite some time now! I commend you and others in your efforts with the Live Adjudication streams. At this point, you'd be tops on Marcade's 2018 Peer Review Awards. I'm sad to say once more, I've had to significantly scale back on the number of submissions I've adjudicated. Someone'll eventually catch up and surpass me in most successful adjudications. I wish others would step up more, as some of us have already done more than our fair share.

    To answer your question, I suppose you should consider how much you respect you have for this current ownership and administration of the organization, and perhaps how they've managed things. As you've stated, you've had your differences with those involved with Twin Galaxies, past and present. The community itself, as a collective, seems to keep evolving. I myself, am a relatively new member. For those who care, like you and I, we do what we can, and hope the rest'll follow (who knows how that's gonna go in the long run). I can't say much for the outside world, since we're all here at TG for our own reasons, whether we actively log on or merely just peruse the site.

    For all that's been said and done, I'm convinced Jace's administration is in here for the long haul. It's necessary to mention, regardless of how much one does or doesn't agree with him, how graciously he's made TG available to most everyone by financing things solely himself. I'm also most certain that things'll continue to get even more costly for him, and am doubtful of a successor--in due time obviously--lest they count on spending as much, or significantly scale things back to how they once were, inevitably at the chagrin and disappointment of many.

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  11. TriForce's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninglendo
    " Snip
    For the most part I've made it a practice of recent to keep what I know and my comments to myself, here in this community. Depending on the topic of a post, an exception can be made. This is one of those few post.

    You are not alone in the efforts to preserve and champion Twin Galaxies. Despite what you think via your post, Twin Galaxies is actually expanding and uniting gaming communities. More importantly, it is uniting the different generations in gaming. Many are blind to this, however to a few it is crystal clear.

    Fight on, the Saga will always continue.
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  12. timmell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TriForce

    Fight on, Sega will always continue to be better than Nintendo.
    Wise words here!
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  13. GibGirl's Avatar
    Thank you Glen, for all you've done. TG has been in a lot of flux since I joined up, and while not all of the changes have been positive, it's a better place than it was when I started. Not perfect, no, but what place is?

    In the end, remember that any community is what the members make it. Members with positive attitudes and who contribute in good ways will encourage others to do the same. And you are definitely one of those positive forces.

    Always feel free to take a break, to back off for a bit. Nobody would think less of you if you do so.
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  14. datagod's Avatar
    You do it Glen because you are a good person, and are truly passionate about video games and the friendships within the community.
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  15. kernzyp's Avatar
    As long as your friends continue to turn up and hang out with you, it should be sweet.
    Listening to live or previous broadcasts of "Live adjudication with Ninglendo" has become my new LBC.
    You can't get a higher accolade than that !!
    Keep it up, Glen. A few of us really love it.
    Plus, it serves as an excuse to adjudicate and have a laugh. So much better than doing it alone.
    TG should give you a budget. :)
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  16. JasonV91's Avatar
    Like others on this thread, I've joined you on several of the live adjudication Discord chats, and watched others on replay - I've found it to be a great time, and a fun way to get to know some of you guys better. While we do talk about some of the same issues brought up in the dispute threads and wall posts, the parts I enjoy the most are just talking about games, and players, and random stuff that comes up...nobody's worried about fake scores, internet drama, or any other BS during those times, and that's how it should be.

    While I commend you for your passion and dedication to TG and its members, you could be right with the whole "abusive relationship" analogy - it can be tough loving something that you feel doesn't love you back. Remember, you don't owe TG, the submission queue, or the community a thing - if you find that anything you're doing with TG is more of a chore or annoyance, rather than something you get enjoyment out of, well, then it might be time to take a step one would think any less of you, and you could always ramp things back up again at any time.

    I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide - either way, it's been a hoot chatting with all you dudes!
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  17. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    NinGlen: You're awesome!! All of your contribution has been much appreciated by all of us!!!

    When I hear once in a while "I'm considering leaving this sinking ship" ... I have thoughts of "Did I just waste 99% of my free time for nine months beating scores, contributing to the website, adjudicating, tirelessly trying to clean up the Intellivision scoreboard, debating topics with fellow gamers, tuning into SIOS (and making efforts to contribute something relevant to the show)?" All for nothing?

    I would hate to think so. I just recently had this conversation with a buddy here at TG ... but I'm not going anywhere. I'm sticking around for the same reason as why I joined in the first place. I belong here. You folks are my gaming friends. We all share that passion ... there's going to be ups and downs ... but Glen, your efforts are 100% appreciated by all of us !!!

    TG isn't a logo. It's a community. All of us make up what TG is ... and Glen, you're a big part of it !!!
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  18. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Echoing Al here.
    I haven't tuned into the new adjudication yet, it still hurts too much that you guys are gone, TBH, but I'll join you soon.

    I care about the past, but I don't live in it.
    I am concerned about the future, but I can't control it in the slightest.

    All I know is the right now.

    Admin can focus on Tauntfesting and H1Z1ing all they want, but as long as there are people like you, Glen, involved, the scoreboard will still be relevant to the players that are actually trying hard to put up the scores.

    Everyday I think, as much as it sucks for me that you Guys are gone, how much does it suck for them?

    I'm sorry, Man. I miss you Guys, really bad. Don't know what else to say.
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  19. Barthax's Avatar
    Many have gone through turmoil with their involvement with TG. I hope my generic advice has borne true for the majority that have received it: if TG is creating more negative emotions than it is positive ones, take a break from it - cut it out for a time. Once you're settled again, allow yourself to wander back as part of your own curiosity - don't force it because of habit. May you find your way as best it suits you. :)
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  20. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    Good advice !!

    Take a step back ... and it just lures us back in every time :)
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