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09-24-2018 at 06:40 PM
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Why doesn't TG have a presence in every bar/arcade?

I have no idea how many members are on here, let alone active members, but I had to search "video game world record" to even find TG. The last 5 years saw a big resurgance in arcade and console gaming, and gaming in general. Bars with games, Arcades with bars, whoever is running the show should get the TG name out there. I am brand new (only to TG, not arcades) and I'm sure I'll be put in my place, but c'mon! This site should be on the lips of anyone who owns barcades, and known to the many of thousands of people that have home arcades! And then they all need reminded! Constantly!

Everyone wants something to play for, and overall high scores are the perfect thing. I had multiple games on route in a barcade for almost 2 years and not one person mentioned TG at all. At least put out some coasters, or get some ad revenue to throw a few TG nights at 1-ups! Maybe have online weekend high score nights. It can't cost much at all to get a few pages of this site to host weekend high score contests, that way even if you don't have an entire day to put into a marathon real record session, you can brag to your friends that you won a TG Weekend! Even if you pick 10-20 games a weekend (console, mame, arcade, etc..) it would be easy to host and would get you more name recognition. Just a thought!

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  1. Desidious's Avatar

    I definitely will when I have my own.

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    I agree. I’ve brought it up before some sort of association with arcades and tg. Jace seems to have no desire on official level but as a community we can certainly all work together and get info out there €‹

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  3. Max's Avatar

    Promotion, for whatever reasons, is a topic that does not appear to be a high priority at the moment for TG. I brought up a similar suggestion: low/no cost advertising through developer sponsored swag giveaways in the form of a few tshirts and games once a month for anyone who plays, submits and reviews a new game on TG. Good for the gaming companies, good for TG, good for TG members.

    TG's response: they did not comment on the suggestion but did mention that they posted a news post about Fortnite tracks being available six months ago (tracks are still not available today) and that their tournament system was coming soon (the last time tournaments were mentioned was when tournaments were to go live, 3-4 years ago).

    Hopefully they'll hear these suggestions and be able to work these (or other low cost promotions) into their planning.

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  4. GibGirl's Avatar

    I'm still wondering when we'll start seeing a TG presence at some of the larger retro gaming events that take place. Seems like a perfect opportunity to spread the word and show off what TG has.

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  5. timmell's Avatar

    The main reason is I bet, is money and time. currently it looks like there are only so many resources to go around and appears just keep the website going.

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    I’m thinking of actually creating a major video game championship on a large scale. The would be perfect for TG to put on. The only issue is I would need major help from the community, or TG to make it happen. Watch Settle it on the Screen and I might talk about it next time.

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  7. EVN's Avatar

    They'd be better off to just partner up with Aurcade.

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