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12-10-2019 at 09:45 AM
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Hi Guys.

I am pretty new to submitting my scores and own a few Arcade Cabinets.

I cannot find the listing of the game I wish to submit to under Arcade.

What do you have to do to get them added?


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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    there is a section for founding new tracks. it costs 10 submission points just to get the track listed as ready for funding. after you pay that initial 10, anyone else (including you) can pay the additiona 50submssion points. once the addition submission points are donated by any number of players the track becomes added as a real track all can compete on

    points are not refundable and all rules are final, so it advisable that you first display your rule set in a place like your wall here so that others can help you get it right before you start the formal process.

    also i dont know what game you want, but before assuming it doesnt look check for possible typos or spaces. example q-bert is not a real game but q*bert is. also depending on the platform "burger time" or "burgertime" is sometimes the spelling, there is no consistency. or consider how jungle king and jungle hunt are the same game and are both competed on the same track. making a public post like this will help catch any potential errors like that ahead of time

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  2. GibGirl's Avatar

    Welcome, Nurtuo, to Twin Galaxies!

    I'd like to point you to this New User's Guide which should be able to at least help you get familiar with the way things work on here - I hope this also answers your question, at least on a basic level.

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  3. nurtuo's Avatar

    Many Thanks.

    I have found that there are MAME Records for the Cab.

    (Taito Super Chase) but not the Arcade Cabinet.

    Is it the same process as starting from the beginning?

  4. The Evener's Avatar

    I think the community can help out. I have some submission points lying around and would be glad to use them on a track.

    I would first ask that you compare the rules for the MAME track to see if they're applicable to Arcade. Also you'll want to confirm the DIP settings you want to use for the track to have them reflected in the settings. As Snowflake suggested tabulate that info here and we can finalize the language. Either me or another volunteer can found the track and get things rolling so you can submit to it. I'm at work right now but I'll follow up later tonight to see how things are going.

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  5. GibGirl's Avatar

    Yes - there is no practical different between submitting a new track for a game that's not yet present on the site, and submitting a new track for a game that already exists, at least if you're not basing it off of another track you personally created.

    My best advice is to use this New Track Guidance wiki page for guidelines, and propose your track here on your wall first, just to get iteration with the community and come up with something that should meet your goals and be clear. Everyone will be glad to help make your new track work well.

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  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    there is one thing to take into account for preexisting games. if you name it at all differently, then it will appear as a seperate game. its preferable all tracks for the same game be listed under that game, but if the track creators name the gaame differently they can be split. this isnt a huge deal and can be fixed by admin, so dont worry too much about it, just pointing it out.

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  7. Joonas's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    there is a section for founding new tracks. it costs 10 submission points just to get the track listed as ready for funding. after you pay that initial 10, anyone else (including you) can pay the additiona 50submssion points.

    The additional amount is actually 25

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  8. nurtuo's Avatar

    So it will be the same process to get it listed just for a different platform.

    i.e. Arcade not MAME?

  9. Joonas's Avatar
  10. nurtuo's Avatar

    Yes. This is my Cabinet.

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  11. Joonas's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by nurtuo

    Yes. This is my Cabinet.

    Cool looking cabinet.

    Well the process is always similar. Go to ''Add track''. Then this view will pop up:

    Game name tab should give a suggestion based on the existing MAME game, so you can click it (or just write the same thing). Everything else in this pic is as it should (except instead of my name, yours will show in the ''user name'' block). Game title can be ''Points'' like in the MAME track. All that is left is to write the rules in their own sections. I hope this helped?

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  12. nurtuo's Avatar

    Thanks for your help.

    I only have 4 points at the minute so I will give it a go when I get more.

    I checked the MAME Rules and Settings and they seem the same to me.

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  13. Desidious's Avatar

    If someone gets the rule down perfectly you can shoot me a message and I'll add the track myself. Maybe some folks can help add their sp after I start it.

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  14. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I'll add some points to the effort. As Brandon and everyone else has said, people are more than willing to help out if we are aware of it. I'm not sure what game nor am I even remotely close to an Arcade player, but I'll give some SP when it's all up and running.

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  15. datagod's Avatar

    Welcome aboard!!

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  16. nurtuo's Avatar
    Thanks everyone, it's really great to see so many friendly gamers are out there.
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  17. The Evener's Avatar

    Okay, I was thinking "early 80s" when I talked about DIPs - this PCB is menu driven, save for a single DIP for "freeze screen" (from what I can see on-line). In that case, Nurtuo, I would review your current settings including the Time Setting via the option menu - you could either align your game settings to match the MAME track (for comparable cross-platform competition) or simply reproduce the settings you've been playing with already for the rule set in this track.

    For reference, here's what is found with the MAME track under "Rules / Track Rules":

    Difficulty: Normal
    Cabinet: DX
    Continue Play: With
    Handle Direction: Normal
    Target Damage: Yes
    Time Setting: Standard
    Round 1: 30-50-65
    Round 2: 55-65-65
    Round 3: 55-60-60
    Round 4: 70-70-70
    Round 5: 50-70-70
    Handle Vibration: On
    Nitro Vibration: On
    TV Monitor Type: Without Mirror
    Aging Mode: Off
    Special Rules: The above are the default internal settings for this title and need not be changed. Continues are NOT allowed!

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  18. The Evener's Avatar

    Just a follow up - after you confirm your arcade settings along the lines cited in the MAME track, could you post them to this thread - could be as simple "it's the same as MAME", I'm just not 100% sure if the settings are "expressed" the same way on your actual arcade machine, or if we need to create rules that align with how one would set up their own arcade machine to match the desired settings.

    I think once we have the rules we're good , it looks like Desidious' will start things off and formally enter the track, and then community members can chip in with submission points to have it entered onto the scoreboard.

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  19. nurtuo's Avatar

    Thanks for your help all.

    This is a page from my Operators Manual.

    I would say the following is correct for an Arcade Cabinet.

    Attract Sound = On or Off (No Difference)

    Difficulty = Normal

    Cabinet Type = Upright or DLX (No Difference)

    Continue Play = Without

    Coin A = 1 Coin 1 Credit (No Free Play in Settings anyway)

    Continue Coin = 1 Coin (But Continue Play Off Anyway)

    Handle Direction = Normal

    Target Damage = Continue (But Continue Play Off Anyway)

    Time Setting = Standard

    Handle Vibration = Off (For DLX)

    Seat Vibration = Off (For DLX)

    Nitro Vibration = Off (For DLX)

    TV Monitor Type = Without Mirror (For DLX)

    Aging Mode = Off (For DLX)

    The Cabinet type should not make any difference to the gameplay.

    Thanks Again Guys.

  20. GibGirl's Avatar

    Might it work best if the rules only list the settings that are specifically relevant, and then just state something like "all other settings may be at any value"?

    I feel there's this tendency to try and specify a value for every setting and it makes it unnecessarily restrictive on what can be used for an attempt.

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