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12-31-2019 at 05:45 AM
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I have asked this before but cannot find the thread now.

I have got a Submission for an Arcade Record for a game

already here under MAME and Sega Genesis.

Its Sega Super Monaco GP.

How do I go about getting an Arcade Record on the same list.

I don't want to submit a new track and It mess up what's there already.

Any help would be great.

Thanks Everyone and Happy New Year All.

  1. Max's Avatar

    Fast answer: is this it?

    Longer answer: click TG Records --> Leaderboards --> Check off the arcade box (or whatever "console" you want) --> then search for what you want.

    There are other ways to go about it, but the above is what I would do (and just did).

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  2. nurtuo's Avatar

    Thanks for your help. but firstly that is for Monaco not Super Monaco GP, and secondly it has a listing under MAME but not Arcade Cabinet. I just want to add a listing for the Arcade version.

  3. Max's Avatar

    OK. If you can confirm no arcade track exists, then you'll need to add a track for arcade. That is --> TG Records --> add track. I forget the cost, but I think it's 25 SP.

    If you've never created a track before, you may wish to take a look at other similar tracks to see how to word things, then post here for a quick community review of what you want before creating an actual track.

    If you're feeling bold, you can just make whatever you want too :D

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  4. The Evener's Avatar

    Echoing Max's advice, a track would be established along the lines we did for Taito Super Chase - Criminal Termination. If you could gather info you wish to have for rules - machine settings and achievement (highest score, fastest time, etc) I'm sure we can get that track listed!

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  6. RaGe's Avatar

    Looks like the title could use an edit (The "Description" area is deceiving). Most of that information in the title should be down below, with the rules. The title should be something simple, like this:

    Super Monaco GP - Points

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  7. RaGe's Avatar

    Actually, just "Points" should be written in the description area, since "Super Monaco GP" (and "Arcade") are already chosen beforehand.

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  8. nurtuo's Avatar

    Thanks Guys. I have looked but I cannot see how to edit it to just Points. Any clues how to do it?

    Updated 01-01-2020 at 01:47 AM by nurtuo
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