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01-04-2020 at 12:52 AM
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Just a quick question about Atari 2600 Harmony SD Card Cartridges.

I do love to see the original Hardware being used, but I understand this is not always possible for all players. But if it is on SD Card does that mean that the game could be changed for any reason? If so should that mean that those submissions be in a different category i.e. like MAME. Just asking as I am interest how it works.

I am in no way saying that anyone using them is cheating in any way.

  1. EVN's Avatar

    How do you know someone didn't modify the ROM inside their legit looking cartridge shell?

    Cheaters are going to cheat no matter what if they want to. We don't want to punish the vast majority of people who just want to enjoy their games over "what if" scenarios.

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  2. nurtuo's Avatar

    I completely agree as I said I was not accusing anyone of cheating, I was just asking how people viewed it given that there are so many categories, Arcade / MAME etc. I am not interested in punishing anyone. Well unless they like that sort of thing, and what people get up to in the privacy of there own dungeon is their business.

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    Ok, well to answer this question:

    "But if it is on SD Card does that mean that the game could be changed for any reason? If so should that mean that those submissions be in a different category i.e. like MAME."

    We don't need separate tracks for flash carts playing on original hardware and OEM carts playing on original hardware.

    Especially if the reason you want to do that is because "the game on the SD card could be modified". That is not a good reason for doing something like that.

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    Thanks for you your help in clearing that up for me.

  5. TB-303's Avatar

    MAME vs Arcade are separated as the hardware that executes the Game code differs. The same code is executed on a flash cart vs normal cart on the same hardware

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    Everdrives store multiple roms. The console loads the roms and executes on the original hardware. The MAME is an emulator that runs on completely different hardware. This is the difference.

    People can cheat and used hacked roms, hopefully this will be uncovered during the adjudciation process, which is why full video is mandatory.

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    And most particularly, speaking about the Harmony-

    The 2600 community is one of the most passionate/knowledgable.

    I hate to put this out there seeming to "dare" someone, but you aren't at all likely to get something wonky past the 2600 adjudicators here, they just pay close attention.

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  8. Barthax's Avatar

    Also, with TGSAP, even if something does get past the initial adjudication, it can still be examined and disputed later on where doubts are discovered after-the-fact.

    As others have suggest, though, there's too many ways a cheater could hide - someone obviously using a Harmony cartridge is going to get a little extra scrutiny if something is a little weird.

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