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11-12-2018 at 10:42 AM
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C64 Pitstop Tactic - Valid or Glitch?

It appears that if you joystick down repeatably during a fuel stop in C64 Pitstop, you can dramatically decrease your time to fill. This tactic was employed in several TGSAP approved records. I'm wondering if this was missed during adjudication or it was noticed and deemed fine. I didn't want to put time into the nine lappers using this tactic and have it be frowned upon. I really wish this place had forums...

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    As long as everybody can use it, it's fine.

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    i've learned to be cautious of c64 as theres all sorts of confusing twists thrown, but for stuff like this the key question is "is it a glitch or intentional'. if its in the instruction book, you can pretty easily win the argument to show its not a glitch, otherwise anything is open to debate. honestly, in my opinio, this seems like the sort of thing that 80s game developers would purposely include so i see no problem with it

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    Cool. Nice discovery by JWC. Sweet little bonus for folks that manage tyre wear.

    The manual was the first place I looked, no mention.,_Inc..pdf

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    Interesting discovery. Its not a glitch, its an advantageous tactic. Thanks for disclosing it. I personally was not aware of it on all my Pitstop submissions. Great excuse to get back on it one day. :)

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