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05-21-2019 at 10:44 PM
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Jordan Dorrington Article in Local Paper (Gala Gala)

Cedar Rapids Gazette - In Surge to the Top, CR Gamer Goes Down Under

I hope this link works and not require you to be subcribers. The most important part of this article is the fourth photo of the high score board at the Quarter Barrel Arcade and Brewery :) :)

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    That wasn't a Galaga score, it was for BurgerTime. My Galaga high is like 27,000 :) Score above mine is Space Ace, Tron below, and the ,999 in the corner is Mr. MacDonald, Joust.

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    Oooh, Snap!

    Rolling over Burgertime is no easy challenge, awesome!!!

    After a while, I could remember how many millions I was into, based on what level I was on(my scoring pace was essentially exactly the same, every run-it's just how it works, ha!), but I used a line of quarters to mark them visually for myself.

    The line of quarters has been picked up to dust under, but is the same quarters, sitting in the same spot I left them when I stopped playing the game.


    Awesome, somehow I'd missed/forgotten that you were a Burgertimer Man, very cool!

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