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09-12-2019 at 06:38 PM
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MGLXLI - Game 1 ~ 10 Yard Fight (closes 29-Sep)

Let’s play football …

MGLXLI – Game 1 ~ 10 Yard Fight

Nominated by gamer: {NW**Nike

0.106-0.108: yard - "10-Yard Fight (Japan)"
0.109-0.170: 10yardj - "10-Yard Fight (Japan)"

Game Story:
The player must score a touchdown in the time allotted to go from high school and college ball all the way to the Pros and the Super Bowl.

Score Submissions:
Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a screen shot showing your score and initials. This game finishes Sunday 29 September 2019, 5am EDT eg NY.

Please make sure your settings are as above. No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game. No pausing. No auto fire allowed. No stitching of INP files with save states. Single player only. No cheats allowed.

Games can be played at the arcade. You must ensure the arcade operator has the game at the MGL game settings for the submission to be valid.

GAME 1 … Touchdown mania …

Last played MGL32 in mid 2017.

35 years ago there was a championship. Right now, there’s another one … Game On!

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  1. OOO's Avatar

    Day 12 of 17 ...

    Some super games in the stadium.

    Only 5 days to go until this game is closed.

  2. ILLSeaBass's Avatar


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  3. JonTron's Avatar


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  4. OOO's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by JonTron


    Nice score and welcome. Enjoy the football.

  5. OOO's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by ILLSeaBass

    LOL, almost an intercept, just too late with the hands.

    From one of my favorite football movies. Mean machine, mean machine, mean machine!

    Out of jail or win the game? He takes the game, just like in the MGL.

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  6. fliplismcs's Avatar

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  7. OOO's Avatar

    Day 15 of 17 ...

    We're into the final quarter, anything can happen.

    Only 2 days to go until this game is closed.

  8. Ozfodder's Avatar

    Thanks for the Discord reminder!


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  9. OOO's Avatar

    Day 16 of 17 ...

    Not much time left on the clock. But it can be enough.

    *** PLUS JonTron in 24th place with 36,950 points ***

    Only 1 day to go until this game is closed.

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  10. ILLSeaBass's Avatar


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  11. DaLar's Avatar

    126.500 pts.


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  12. ILLSeaBass's Avatar


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  13. GMU's Avatar

    I have noe idea what I am doing in this game... :)
    First and final score 4200,-

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  14. OOO's Avatar

    Day 17 of 17.

    Final Results ...

    *** PLUS GMU 4,200 points ***

    10 Yard Fight proved to be a very tough challenge, where the CPU is good at tackling and intercepting passes. Plus the umpire takes his time to blow his whistle, and run down the clock!

    DaLar, ILLSeaBass, John73, JustAnotherRat, Jed, BandontheRun, creech, Arcadinator, Ozfodder, {NW**Nike and Prow all played football like champions in the 93K to 126K zone. They took out 3rd to 13th place respectively. Everyone below these places would have experienced some very difficult defense formations that made higher scores quite difficult.

    Brad played exceptionally well for 160,150 points to scrimmage into 2nd place. That’s excellent football. He also posted a tip video for gamers to improve their game, and missed out on the win by just 2,950 points.

    Congratulations to Jason Vasiloff for winning the Super Bowl on 10 Yard Fight, with a mighty 163,100 points. Achieved on the last day, it was a close finish. Well played.

    Black Tiger and Star Force are currently in play. Plenty of things to shoot at, and plenty of things to fight. The only problem is, the enemy shoots back and fights back. It’s fun times.

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