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11-29-2019 at 04:55 PM
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TERENCEW and JASONV91 tremendous SERVICE to the gaming community

I just wanted to officially post a huge THANKYOU, to @terencew and @JasonV91 , for the MAME analysis they have provided at Twin Galaxies for so many submissions. The work they do is incredible and massively APPRECIATED. Others have provided this service as well in the past, and their work is also recognized.

I read just now that Terence plans to end his time providing this great community service. Comments are disabled on the wall of Terence, so I posted here, however I must say that Terence and Jason are great characters and gamers, who do get along just fine, and it's all OK. I hope Terence reconsiders, and we ALL do acknowledge and support both of you.

Game On!

@Jace Hall , I would like to invite you to provide your feedback, as Head of TG.

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  1. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    Hopefully they can teach a few TG members how to MAME analyst if they both go for future MAME submissions. @terencew @JasonV91 , for the MAME analysis

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  2. Derek's Avatar

    Thats a bummer, terence has always been super friendly and maybe he just needs a break from TG life; atleast I hope so

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  3. Ragequit's Avatar

    It's pretty depressing that terence is leaving TG. He is an invaluable asset to this community!! Please reconsider!!!! :( :(

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    i've submitted very few mame scores but i appreciated the hell others put in. i think it was jason who did my analysis, but regardless, terrence doing other scores freed up jason to do mine so its all part of a team effort. mame is definitley in trouble without users like this.

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  5. John73's Avatar

    Thanks for all the work Terence. Take some time off, have a break - you are too much of an asset and great player to be lost to the community.

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  6. JasonV91's Avatar

    Thanks for the post Paul.

    Thank you also to Terence for all his hard work over the past several years. I've reached out to him privately to send him my thoughts on everything, and I appreciate him hearing what I had to say, and responding with some of his thoughts...I can only hope that he decides to come back to TG at some point, even if he has retired from .inp analysis permanently.

    The current situation has been manageable for the past couple of years between the two of us, but relying on only one or two people is not sustainable long-term...with Terence gone, and me not convinced I want to continue either, something else will have to be done.

    I'll create a post of my own at some point with some more thoughts, but for now, thanks again.

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