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01-26-2020 at 01:54 AM
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The final tournament of the epic 2019 season has just been completed. 50 gamers hit the arcade as follows:

Congratulations goes out to all competitors that gamed in the tournament, who battled on 9 different games in 59 days. The last 5 games had either not been played before in the 15 year history of the MGL, or had not been played again for over 10 years. That's a minimum of 10 years wait on each of the last 5 games.

In this tournament, 14 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from {NW**Nike, Arcadinator, BandontheRun, Busty34, Charlie Milne, creech, ILLSeaBass, ivanstorm1973, John73, Lauren Tyler, orse, Pearl2hu, Pessimeister and RichyS.

7 gamers made their MGL debut. These were: Almorte, Busty34, Charlie Milne, Conjured Entertainment, Jogador Rabugento, Michael Kibbey and Lauren Tyler. I hope you all enjoyed the competition and the challenge.

With 9 games contested there were 6 different game winners. megaderek (3), JasonV91 (2), Conjured Entertainment (1), DaLar (1), ILLSeaBass (1) and syscrusher (1).

Congratulations to the game winners for hitting the high score on these games ...

I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3, with the pair of antagonists from Dommy ...

Derek Long

Jason Vasiloff

Matt Sales

33 gamers finished within a single digit of each other and this was one of the closest MGL finishes in history.

There were 2 tied scores on the scoreboard. Almorte and Jogador Rabugento both finished with 409 points. Almorte won the head to head count 5 to 4 to take out 35th place and Jogador Rabugento took out 36th place. syscrusher and Conjured Entertainment both finished with a total score of 100 points each. syscrusher won Satan's Hollow and Conjured Entertainment won Roc'n Rope. Under the tied head to head count rule at one win each, it went down to total game points. syscrusher took out 45th place with 2,045,375 points vs Conjured Entertainment on 202,170 points who took out 46th place.

Derek Long achieved another new world record score during WCE3, of 8,368,930 points on Super Pang (Tour mode), in Game 8 of MGLXLII. His game play was recently submitted to Twin Galaxies for adjudication

At the completion of this tournament, RMacauley now joins kane in MGL history, as the only gamers to play all of the games in 29 x MGL tournaments. 29 complete tournaments are the highest anyone has achieved. John73 missed the last game of this tournament, and therefore remains in 3rd place with 25 complete tournaments.

Congratulations to Derek Long who won 3 games and scored in the 90s for all of the other games to win his 1st ever MGL title. The title lead was in constant flux since the start of the tournament, where Derek Long, Jason Vasiloff and Matt Sales competed at extraordinary levels to make this finish for the Top 3, the equal 2nd closest in MGL history.

Playing in the MGL is being part of video gaming history. The MGL is now in its 15th year and as always, all gamers have been welcome to participate in the toughest open video gaming championship of the world. The gamers make the tournament exciting and very challenging, and a big thank you goes out to all you gamers with the courage and tenacity to participate in such a demanding competition.

Whether a casual, pro or experienced gamer, I hope you all enjoyed MGLXLII. This was the last tournament of the 2019 season. It was amazing. The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly.


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