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05-31-2020 at 06:27 AM
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The first tournament of the new 2020 season has just been completed. 58 gamers hit the arcade as follows:

To see the complete scoreboard, right click and select "Open image in new tab".

Congratulations goes out to all competitors that gamed in the tournament, who battled on 10 different games in 59 days. We had 7 new games never played before in the MGL, which is the highest number of new games played in 5 years. Phoenix has not been played for 11 years. So the line up was great and extremely challenging.

In this tournament, 11 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from Barra, busty34, Fire_Power, Foot, ILLSeaBass, ivanstorm1973, Lauren Tyler, Pessimeister, RichyS, SMK and syscrusher.

3 gamers made their MGL debut. These were: Greendub, math_physics and MrPitchy. They finished with 3rd place, 58th place and 24th place respectively. For a first MGL, their results were impressive, even at the bottom of the scoreboard.

With 10 games contested there were 6 different game winners. redelf (3), Blackflag82 (2), ILLSeaBass (2), Greendub (1), CrazyKongFan (1) and Barra (1)

Congratulations to the game winners for hitting the high score on these games …

I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3 … with the pet dog from the Pac series, known as Chomp Chomp …

Matt Sales

Patrick Stanley

Martin Racine

30 gamers finished within a single digit of each other, just 3 less than from MGL42. The competition was very close.

There were 2 tied scores on the scoreboard. redelf and ivanstorm1973 both finished with 921 points for 6th place. Under the tied head to head count rule at 5 wins each, it went down to total game points. redelf took out 6th place with 1,814,424 points, vs ivanstorm1973 on 1,448,431 points who took out 7th place. Lauren Tyler and Fliplismc both finished with 136 points for 50th place. The head to head count was 1- 0 to Lauren and she took out 50th place, Fliplismc took out 51st place.

Kane became the 1st player in MGL history with over 300 games played. He submitted scores for every game in this MGL, and his record tally now stands at 303 games. Robert Macauley is in 2nd place with 262 games played. magrinder has now hit the century mark with 103 games played, and joins the other 23 amazing centurions of the MGL.

Congratulations to Matt Sales who won 2 games and scored 95 or higher in every MGL game. He has won his 1st ever MGL title, after competing in the last 9 tournaments. Making his debut in MGL35, he has previously finished in 2nd place four times, with one third placing. This is a great example of building expertise and love of the game, where it may even take you to the top of your game, if you just keep trying. Patrick Stanley returned from MGL31, to score a brilliant 2nd place in this tournament. Martin Racine made his MGL debut and played at an exceptional level, leading the tournament after 4 games, and finished with a stellar 3rd place.

For those who finished in the Top 20, your results were terrific, and from 21st to 40th place, very commendable. 41st and below may just need to find a bit more game time to play even better. For all gamers who tried their best and when they could, this is why we have the MGL for all types of gamers. All gamers made the tournament what it was: exciting, different, engaging, funny, competitive, informative, and a lot of fun. Whether a casual, pro or experienced gamer, I hope you all enjoyed MGLXLIII. This was the first quarter tournament of the 2020 season. It was an amazing opener. MGLXLIV starts on Jun-19. The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly.


  1. Tracey's Avatar

    congrats Matt

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  2. redelf's Avatar

    Solid on all games, 2 first place and 3 second place finishes is pretty solid. Congrats on your hard fought battle to be first.

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  3. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    Way to go, Matt!!! Congratz!

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  4. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    Congratulations Matt and to all the competitors

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  5. Greendub's Avatar

    Congrats! Nice achievement!

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  6. ILLSeaBass's Avatar

    Thanks! Glad to finally get a #1 after so many #2's :P Fun quarter of MGL and some great competition! Thanks @OOO once again for putting this together and all the time and effort involved in keeping things updated!

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  7. DuggerVideoGames's Avatar

    That's a hell of a run when 95 is your low. Impressive! Hope everybody enjoyed playing.

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  8. Ragequit's Avatar

    Congrats to the illest of the illest seabass!!

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  9. Fire_Power's Avatar

    Thanks 000 for another smoothly run comp.

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  10. Tracey's Avatar

    Thanks again 000 for organising. Looking forward to the next one will have to think of some fun games to nominate :)

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  11. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Congratulations Matt!

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  12. kernzyp's Avatar

    C64 champ rides!!
    Top banana!! :)

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