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10-07-2020 at 04:05 PM
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MGLXLV - Game 8 ~ Joust (closes Oct-25)

Buzzards on the go …

MGLXLV – Game 8 ~ Joust

Nominated by gamer: Tracey

ROMSet 106: joust (white/green label)

Game Story:
You are a knight flying on an ostrich, battling buzzard-mounted enemies. To fly, you repeatedly hit the flap button. To topple the Buzzard-Riders, the highest lance wins.

Score Submissions:
Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a screen shot showing your score and initials. This game finishes Sunday Oct-25th, 4am EDT eg NY.

Please make sure your settings are as above. No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game. No pausing. No auto fire allowed. No stitching of INP files with save states. Single player only. No cheats allowed. *** You cannot kill more than ten [10] pteradactyls per wave ***.

Games can be played on the arcade machine. You must ensure the game is at the MGL game settings for the submission to be valid.

GAME 8 … Birds of terror …

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  2. OOO's Avatar

    Day 6 of 17 ...

    More buzzard war stories, we just can't get enough...

    Just draw some more.

    It's tough out there!

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    Day 7 of 17 ...

    Jousting ...

  6. OOO's Avatar

    Day 8 of 17 ...

    Feed your bird.

    Fire surrounds you.

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    Day 9 of 17 ...

    Play the right Joust ...

    No balls in this one, just a lot of flapping.

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  8. Tracey's Avatar

    This is the first of two videos that I learnt from. It shows the first 34 waves with commentary explaining the

    Hope it helps :)

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    Day 9 of 17 ...

    Everyone can play Joust ...

    Some very good tips have been posted.

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    Almost there, Tracey. I am coming for you, hahaha.... Cheers! :)

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    Fun times in 1983, even more fun times in 2020. Check out the Joust jot, and the others ...

    Only 5 days to go until Joust is closed. Good luck.

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    Day 13 of 17 ...

    Joust makes for a big challenge ...

    Try your best.

    Only 4 days to go until this game is closed.

  17. OOO's Avatar

    Flap your way to victory. Maybe even get your family to play?

    It's fun.

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    Day 14 of 17 ...

    J_O_U_S_T dot dot dot

    You can play this game well. Repeat, you can play this game well.

    Learn to flap, hover and play great. Why not?

    Only 3 days to go until this game is closed.

  19. OOO's Avatar

    Know your games. And it's a great one too. Look at what went into the thinking behind this classic.

    To see the complete image, right click and select "open image in new tab".

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    20,800 - my free bird did very little for me.

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