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05-30-2021 at 06:50 AM
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The opening tournament of the 2021 season has just been completed. 53 gamers played in this challenging competition as follows:

To view the complete scoreboard, right click and select “Open image in new tab”

Congratulations to all competitors that played in this tournament. It was a monster effort to play the new controls of trackball and dual sticks, as well as the standard joystick and buttons. 11 different video games were played over 59 days, making this tournament the most number of games played in 9 years. We had 7 new games never played before in the MGL, which were Venture, Vs. Excitebike, Mat Mania, Intrepid, Rootin’ Tootin’, Robotron and Centipede. We also had 1 game that had not been played for over 11 years, in Psychic 5, a rare game from Jaleco. So this was an interesting adventure of discovery for most gamers.

In this tournament, 15 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from Ace1942, BandontheRun (2), Blackflag82 (3), Busty34, Creech, Evan04, Gsuttor, Ivanstorm1973, Kane, Lexa, Spectre, SMK, RedDawn, Tracey and ZNC. This is the highest number of gamers with their games drawn, since MGL30 (16 gamers) from 4.5 years ago.

4 gamers made their MGL debut. These were Boomgo_pinball (best 348,450 on Robotron for 8th place), Conzo (best 66,805 on Venture for 24th place), LordCrix (best 13,045,500 on Psychic 5 for 2nd place) and Mappy24 (273,825 on Robotron for 9th place). I hope you enjoyed the competition, and well played.

With 11 games contested there were 7 different game winners: Blackflag82 (2), DaLar (1), Dbh (1), Fly (1), Lexa (1), Redelf (4) and Shahbaz (1).

Congratulations to the game winners for achieving the high score on these games …

I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3 … with the fire breathing dragon from Dig Dug …

John McAllister

Patrick Stanley

Shahbaz Sadiq

21 gamers finished within a single digit of each other, 8 less than from MGL46. The competition was very close going into the last 4 games of the tournament. 10 gamers scored over 900 points for a great distinction, and another 6 gamers scored over 1,000 points for an even higher distinction.

There were 2 tied scores on the scoreboard. GMU and Zap both finished with 715 points for 24th place. The head to head count was 6-4 to GMU, and he took out 24th place, while Zap took out 25th place. JoeyS and Dbh both finished with 199 points for 40th place. The head to head count was 3-2 to JoeyS, and he took out 40th place, while Dbh took out 41st place.

Congratulations to John McAllister, who top scored with 1,078 points, to win his first ever MGL title. His performance was excellent. He won 4 games, was runner up in 2 games, and has now played 95 games in the MGL. His previous best finishes were 3rd place in MGL38, 3rd place in MGL44, 2nd place in MGL46, and now he has his maiden title in MGL47. Having played in 12 x MGL tournaments, this was a very well deserved win.

Patrick Stanley finished in 2nd place with 2 game wins. These were on Rootin’ Tootin and Rampage. Scoring 1,070 points, only 8 points behind the winner, this was a fantastic result, for his 3rd 2nd place finish in MGL history.

Shahbaz Sadiq finished in a superb 3rd place in this tournament. He was tied for the lead after 6 games, and finally ended up with a mighty 96.4 game average. He won Venture and was runner up on 3 other games.

Daniel Larsen finished in a great 4th place, just 16 points behind a podium finish. He won Psychic 5, and was runner up on Rootin’ Tootin’ and Rampage. With the completion of this tournament, Daniel has the high distinction of being the top scorer in WCE history. With 14,520 points, more than any other player, that’s 5 years of gaming to compete for the top. Robert Macauley is close behind in 2nd place with 14,370 points, and Jeff Mikuska is in 3rd place with 12,435 points.

Jacob Spring made a welcome return to the MGL with a fine 5th place. His best score was 3rd place on Psychic 5, and next best was 4th place on both Venture and Mat Mania. He has now played in 73 x MGL games, with a superb all time average of 90.1 points per game.

Pessimeister played nicely for 6th place in his 14th MGL tournament. His best finish was 5th place on Venture, and his game average was 91.2. He scored better than his all time average of 88.3, a clear sign that he is improving his game even further.

Darren Mcgahey finished in 7th place with 995 points, only 8 points behind Pessimeister in 6th place. His best scores were 5th place on both Intrepid and Rootin’ Tootin’. With the completion of this tournament, Darren has become an honored and highly esteemed MGL Centurion, with 109 games played in 12 MGL tournaments. He is the 17th all time gamer to join this prestigious group.

Robert Macauley finished in 8th place in his 34th MGL tournament. His best score was 4th place on Ghosts ‘n Goblins with 174,700 points. Next best was 5th place on Mat Mania with 467,650 points. He has now finished in the Top 10 of every MGL tournament, since his first one in MGL14, for the last 9 years.

Arcadinator finished in a really good 9th place. His best score was on Vs. Excitebike for 4th place, next best on Psychic 5 for 5th place, and next best on Rampage for 6th place. After also seeing this gamer play live in the Australian BOTA 2021, he has the tenacity and ability to finish even higher.

Ace1942 made the Top 10 with a determined effort on all of the games. His best finish was 9th place on Venture, and he has now played in 58 x MGL games. Breaking the 50 games played milestone (good stuff), his average score for this tournament was 87.2, exactly the same as his all time average. Nice.

Tracey finished in a neat 11th place with a total score of 959 points. His game average was 83.9, 3.9 points more than his all time average of 80. His best score was 6th place on Robotron 2084, with 563,675 points. Hitting half a million plus on this tough frantic game is an achievement by itself. His next best was 8th place on Centipede, a trackball game, so it seems Tracey enjoyed the special controller games the most.

Lexa finished in a fine 12th place after winning Game 5 - Mat Mania. Scoring an incredible 2,574,900 points on that title, his next best was 6th place on Ghosts ‘n Goblins with 168,200 points. He scored a total of 916 points across the 11 games played, with an average of 83.3 points per game.

Lasice finished in lucky 13th place, just 1 point behind Lexa, with 915 points. His best scores were 11th place on both Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Intrepid. Playing 13 games so far in 2 x MGL tournaments, he has the potential to play even better.

Kane finished in 14th place, again so close, only 2 points behind 13th place, and only 3 points behind 12th place. He scored a total of 913 points at an average of 83, and also played in his 38th MGL. That’s a great gamer who plays really well. His best finish was 3rd place on Centipede, one of the greatest games of all time.

BandontheRun finished in 15th place with a game average of 82.8 points. That’s 5.3 points better than his all time average of 77.5, so a very good improvement considering some of the tough titles we just played.

A special mention goes out to Homar, who has now joined the MGL Centurions, with 101 games played in 12 x MGL tournaments. That’s a very fine effort, and great play to achieve such a top milestone. Congratulations.

Another special mention goes out to RichyS, who has now played in 150+ games, with a total of 152 titles. That’s an amazing achievement, and your gaming has been tremendous, and your MGL statistics very interesting.

To all gamers who finished in the Top 20, congratulations, it was well played. For all other gamers, this was a tougher than normal line up of games. The trackball and dual stick games made it more challenging, and we had many new titles not played before, so it made things even more tricky to play well. Thanks to everyone who played in the MGL, and I hope you enjoyed the competition as much as possible.

This was the opener for 2021. It’s a very busy schedule this season. Please take care and have a great break. MGL48 will start on the 18th of June, so plenty of time to recharge and have fun.

The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly.


  1. evan04's Avatar

    Congrats to @redelf and thanks again to @OOO for hosting another amazing MGL great job :)

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    Incredible writeup @OOO all those stats is really something else. Thank you for putting in the time

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  3. Tracey's Avatar

    Congrats redelf on winning and thanks again Paul for making this so much fun for us all. Already working on my list of possible noms for the next one :)

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  4. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Awesome as always Paul. Happy to put up a Top 20 run this time. This game lineup was a blast.

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    Thanks for another great competition! :)

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  6. redelf's Avatar

    Your write up and stats on players is awesome. Thanks for another awesome event with all the flyers and information you post about each game. 6 games I had never played before. Had a great time competing against all those Aussies and until the final 2 games were known didn't know who was going to win. Going to enjoy the month off, who knows maybe I'll play some games while we rest.

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  7. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    Congradualtions John McAllister

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