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08-15-2021 at 06:42 AM
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The 2nd tournament of the 2021 season has just been completed, where 47 gamers played in this very challenging competition as follows:

Congratulations to all competitors that played in this tournament. 11 different video games were played over 59 days. We had 5 new games never played before in the MGL, which were Canyon Bomber, Tinkle Pit, Demon’s World, Jump Bug and Sindbad Mystery. The other 6 games had not been played for over 2 to 5 years ago.

In this tournament, 11 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from Ace1942, Blackflag82, Evan04 (2), HAL1973, Kane, Ivanstorm1973, Lasice (2), Pessimeister, RichyS (2), Swaggers and Tracey. To have a chance to play your favourite games, you need to nominate your selections.

4 gamers made their MGL debut. These were Comboace (best 483 on Canyon Bomber for 10th place), Furiouswolf666 (best 3,473,170 on Dig Dug for 2nd place), Pcayer (best 429 on Canyon Bomber for 25th place) and Swaggers (163,480 on Amidar for 3rd place). I hope you enjoyed the competition.

With 11 games contested there were 6 different game winners: Blackflag82 (2), Dbh (3), Ivanstorm1973 (1), Redelf (3), Shahbaz (1) and Tracey (1).

Congratulations to the game winners for achieving the high score on these games …

I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3 … with the boss cat from Mappy …

Donald Hayes

Patrick Stanley

John McAllister

21 gamers finished within a single digit of each other, which is a tie with the previous MGL47. The competition was very close going into the last 3 games of the tournament. 11 gamers scored over 900 points for a great distinction, and another 6 gamers scored over 1,000 points for an even higher distinction.

There was 1 tied score in the Top 35 on the scoreboard. Kane and both finished with 941 points for 10th place. The head to head count was 6-5 to Kane, and so by the narrowest of margins, he took out 10th place, while took out 11th place.

Congratulations to Donald Hayes, who top scored with 1,085 points, to win his first MGL title. He won 3 games, was runner up 3 times, took 3rd place 4 times, and his lowest finish was 5th place on Rally-X. That’s a podium finish in 10 out of 11 games. It was an incredible performance. Donald is now the 21st person in MGL history to win the famous tournament.

Patrick Stanley finished in 2nd place with 2 game wins and a total of 1,081 points. Only 4 points behind the eventual winner, it was an extremely close competition. It came down to the last 2 games for the decider. He won Amidar (STERN) and Tinkle Pit with some outstanding high scores. He was runner up on 3 games and took 3rd place on another 3 occasions. It was a brilliant effort for his 4th ever 2nd place in an MGL tournament.

John McAllister was the 3rd gamer who was locked in a tense competition with the eventual 1st and 2nd place winners. He played tremendous to win 3 games in Rally-X, Swimmer and Elevator Action. He was game runner up twice and took 3rd place once. At the completion of this tournament, he has played 106 MGL games. He now joins the legion of MGL Centurions, one of the most distinguished accomplishments in MGL history. He also now has 20 all time game wins, 3rd on the all time list, with Andrew Barrow on 28 wins in 1st place, and Robert Macauley with 27 wins in 2nd place.

Pessimeister played superbly to finish in 4th place. He scored a total of 1,030 points at an exceptional average of 93.6. His 2 best performances were 4th place on Tinkle Pit and 5th place on Demon’s World. Both of these games were new to the MGL, and he played them very well. He has now played 132 games in the MGL over 15 tournaments.

Charlie Milne scored a total of 1,013 points at an average of 92.1 to take out 5th place. He played great in every game and kept trying to improve his scores. His best finish was 3rd place on Tinkle Pit and 4th place on Canyon Bomber. He was locked in a close battle with Pessimeister for the whole tournament, and managed to equal his best finish ever, with MGL46.

Darren Mcgahey finished in 6th place with 1,001 points, only 12 points behind Ace1942 in 5th place. He won Jump Bug with a stellar score of 180,810 points, and was runner up on Sindbad Mystery. He now has 3 all time game wins, and has passed 10,000 MGL points, with 10,724 points over 120 games in 13 MGL tournaments. That’s an outstanding performance.

Robert Macauley finished in 7th place in his 35th consecutive MGL tournament. His best score was 4th place on Rally-X with 92,200 points. Next best was 5th place on Canyon Bomber with 1,125 points. He scored a total of 985 points at an average of 89.5. Not only is there a coincidence in those 2 numbers, he is now only 600 points shy of the incredible 30,000 all time MGL points. He is a legend of the game, and continues to play even stronger.

Svatopluk Halada played a terrific MGL to finish in 8th place. Playing in his 4th tournament, he played consistently well on all of the games. His best finish was 4th place on Dig Dug with 855,520 points. Next best was 7th place on Demon’s World with 284,250 points. He now has 3,574 MGL points, over one third of the way to the 10,000 milestone.

Daniel Larsen finished in 9th place, just 6 points behind 8th place. His best performances were 5th place on Tinkle Pit and 6th place on Elevator Action. He has now played 178 games in 19 MGL tournaments. Congratulations Daniel.

Kane Mawhinney returned to the Top 10 for the first time since MGL38. He posted a score on Jump Bug with under an hour to go in the tournament. What’s more is that he took the placing with a head to head win of 6 to 5, for a very well earned result. His best score was 8th place on Tinkle Pit with 656,600 points. This was Kane’s 39th MGL tournament. He has now played in 336 games, the most by any player in MGL history.

Henrik Wiman was another player who improved greatly in competition. Equal on total points with Kane, he just missed out on 10th place by a very slim head to head margin. He finished in a very good 11th place, with his best score of 103, 700 points on Jump Bug for 5th place. He also crossed the 50 game milestone in this tournament, and now has 58 games of experience over 7 MGL tournaments.

Ian Cullen scored a total of 930 points at an average of 84.5, to finish in a very nice 12th place. His best performance was on Amidar (STERN), and he has only played 12 games in 2 MGL tournaments. Well played.

Terje Heidene played very well to finish in 13th place. He saved his best performance for last, with 5th place on Sindbad Mystery, which was his 60th MGL game played in all tournaments.

Martin Patra scored a total of 912 points to finish in an accomplished 14th place. His best score was 4th place on Elevator Action, with 61,500 points. He also passed the 2,000 MGL points milestone, with 2,178 points.

It was great to see Sean Clough back in action in the MGL. He finished in 16th place and has now played in 24 tournaments, with 172 games of experience. That’s exemplary.

Jacob Spring missed 1 game which cost him about 12 placings, however he still finished in 20th place, and is still in contention for a top placing in the WCE5 Championship.

To all gamers who finished in the Top 20, well played and congratulations to you all. To all gamers outside of the Top 20, this was again a very tough line up of games. With 5 new games never played before, everyone had a massive challenge to do well. For casual gamers, many games may have been hard to handle, but at least there is a way to play well, if you can put in the time. Thanks to everyone who played in the MGL, the competition is for your enjoyment. Sometimes the games are not easy, but if they all were, where is the challenge in that?

This was the 2nd tournament for 2021. Please have a great break and get some exercise, especially with the covid restrictions. MGL49 will start on Sep 3rd, bigger and better than ever.

The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly.


  1. evan04's Avatar

    Congrats to Donald Hayes (@dbh) for winning MGL48 and a special thanks to @OOO for all the hard work he puts into running the MGL all year round.

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    Updated 08-15-2021 at 09:44 AM by evan04
  2. Tracey's Avatar

    Congrats Donald @dbh its amazing to play in the same contest as an arcade legend like you

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  3. dbh's Avatar

    Thanks @evan04 and @Tracey ! And many thanks to @OOO for organizing and keeping these contests going.

    Congrats to everyone who participated, and especially to @Blackflag82 and @redelf for the down-to-the-wire battle.

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  4. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Congrats Don!

    I've looked up to both you and John since getting into competitive gaming around 2008-ish, so to be trading scores back and forth with you guys and finishing on the podium with you both is a serious honor! Glad you showed up for this one, and hope we'll see you in more.

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