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08-19-2021 at 05:16 PM
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I went through the "history books" to find out, what are the greatest rivalries in MGL history?

In the No.1 spot is Kane Mawhinney vs Derek Broadfoot, with 254 matchups. The first game they ever played against each other was on Tiger Heli in April 2009, that's over 12 years ago. Kane won that game in MGL8, and it was his first ever game played in the MGL. Derek recorded his first H2H win on Lunar Rescue, in Game 11 of the same tournament.

Daniel Larsen won the first ever World Championship of eSports in 2017, and his competition with 9 times MGL Champion Robert Macauley has been fantastic. They first met on Wonder Boy in late 2016 from MGL30, and have played against each other for every game played since that date. That's 178 consecutive games over 5 years of H2H competition.

Darren Mcgahey from Northern Ireland has had a very close contest with Pessimeister from Australia. There's only a difference of 2 wins between them, with a total of 120 matchups.

Likewise Dave Ramage and Bob Johnson have a close total of matchups at 114, where their first meeting was Game 1 - Galaga in MGL28.

Rich Shearman from Wales and Terence Wong from Australia have played each other 112 times, with only a 2 game winning difference. Their first meeting was in MGL32, Game 3 - 10 Yard Fight, with Terence scoring 52,500 points and Rich 52,100 points, the close scores even then, being a sign of how close things were to become.

WCE4 World Champion Patrick Stanley and Jacob Spring have just started their rivalry at 39 games, still more times than Ivan Lendl vs John McEnroe at 36, and Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning at 17.

New rivalries start which ebb and flow, where MGL48 Champion Donald Hayes and MGL47 Champion John McAllister, two prominent and excellent gamers of the golden age games, have met on 17 occasions.

WCE3 World Champion and 4 times MGL Champion Jason Vasiloff has a narrow lead over 5 times MGL Champion Andrew Barrow from New Zealand. Will this rivalry continue? We will see.

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On the other sports ...

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox have played each other on 2,283 occasions. The first game they played against each other was in 1901, so they have 120 years of competition. The Boston Celtics and LA Lakers have won the most NBA titles between them, and we don't have anyone in the MGL who has played as many times as they have at 368, yet! The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool in the EPL is legendary, with their first meeting in 1894. Liverpool won that game 2-0. The Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears have played the most games as rivals in the NFL at 202. We'll see what happens this year in their Division, a new QB at the Bears and an old legend at the Cheese Factory. Isiah Thomas has a winning record over Michael Jordan, as does Martina Navratilova over Chris Evert and Rafael Nadal over Roger Federer.

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There are 1000s of matchups in the MGL, and only a few could be listed based on active gamers. If there are any matchups you would like to see, please feel free to request them, and I'll provide the numbers. If there are any other points of conversation on these sports, numbers or matchups, please feel free to post.

A piece of sporting history before MGL49 starts on Sep-03.

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    Great work @OOO It's always close between me and @Tracey she always puts up an amazing fight in the head to head battle

    My favourite head to head Iv'e seen is @JasonV91 & @Barra as they are always close behind each other, two MGL legends.

    Big congrats to all the other head to heads as well.

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    There's been strong interest in further matchups, so I created an additional Bonus Round. There's plenty of past and present gamers in the list. Ties are very rare in the MGL, and I found 2 of interest. Matt and Jason actually top scored on Wardner. There's plenty of close matchups as well ...

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