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Pat Larocque
06-01-2019 at 09:07 PM
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Just a quick Thank You!!

Although I'm a very new member (and not the most active until very recently), I have been aware of TG since my childhood and have always had a deep love for classic games. It has only been recently since my son has discovered my old games that this love has been rekindled and I couldn't be happier!

Unfortunately it seems that I have joined this site at a pretty rough time judging by most of the posts I have read since joining, whether it be about former owners/members, politics within the company or just plain drama and b.s. in general, although on the bright side, I have also noticed and witnessed lots of positives that still remain here and a select few that go far and beyond to help, encourage, educate and most importantly pass on the knowledge and love for these games and this site (especially to this newbie)! Thank you all for your continuing hard work and dedication and looking forward to continuing on improving my skills (what little I have) and passing on my love of these games to my son.

  1. Barthax's Avatar

    If you take any period of TG's history you will find there have always been perspectives at odds with the current norm and so any recap of any piece of history can be skewed into negative. Fantastic to see someone look passed that to the here & now of enjoying their gaming and finding TG can complement in that regard is a great reflection. :D

  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Just my opinion, but the best way to stay on track is to focus on the games you like to play, and the people that play them-you'll find plenty of people with similar interests, I almost guarantee, and by paying attention to others that play things similar you'll develop plenty of friendships here.

    There are mebbe some things about the site that need work, but if you just focus on the games and the people you play along with, you'll hardly even notice-I'm rarely affected by the "issues" some have with the site.

    Lol, or mebbe I am, and just don't notice.

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    i've been negative but i still have hope things will turn around. My advice, is if you see positive, awesome have fun. on the other hand, if you see things the way i see them, well honestly, if it was like this when i was new i would've left, however, i would've then also missed out on the good. i would say if you agree theres too many problems, dont give up entirley, but make sure to periodically check back in. I do believe it will one day recover.

  4. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    I'm a n00b as well, however, I have observed that most/nearly all of the drama will be contained within wall posts. Simple solution: avoid spending a bunch of time reading wall posts. I'm not a drama fan at all, and I'm having a blast with the site, which is loaded with some very genuine and decent people who go out of their way to encourage and help.

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